Mountfield SP555 Petrol Lawnmower @ B&Q was £399.99 now £100.00

Mountfield SP555 Petrol Lawnmower @ B&Q was £399.99 now £100.00

Found 29th May 2015
Found this absolute bargain while looking for a petrol lawnmower...Down from £399.99 to £100!!!
It's been ordered and confirmed so just to wait for delivery now...Lets hope it's not a mis print and they cancel my order!
Unfortunately none in stock anywhere near me but if you can find it in stock it's free click and collect also. But delivery is free anyway.

10% off when you spend over £200
add below item this to make it over £200 if you are buying only 2…prd
- ather7851

5% off when you spend £100
- ather7851
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Wow heat from me good luck ordered too
Can't justify buying a new mower yet, as mines still plodding along.
Heated OP, bargain. very tempting though at this price.
Don't forget 3% quidco. I have ordered and also found the same model on Mountfields website and they are charging £569 for this model, according to them that's with a £60 discount. Unless I am mistaken and would be happily corrected.
I'd order if I wasn't going to gravel my whole garden.
Lots of heat from me.

Have sent the details to a Gardener mate as he uses these.

Heat! This is a fantastic price
Scorching hot. Thanks, ordered
I bet it's cancelled, ordered anyway
'The following items cannot be delivered to your chosen address' When I got to the payment bit, I'm guessing they don't ship such large items to Northern Ireland? Head added though scorching deal if they fulfil at this price.
Honda Motor,Bargain
Doubt they will deliver, nothing in stock near Cardiff or the Valleys.
Ordered anyway.
Ordered... for that price is a steal
ordered ,we will see if it arrives ,great find OP
Great price, probably overstock, cant wait to receive it, thanks OP
Ordered. X)
Ordered but won't get it. Got to be worth a punt....
ordered and heat added, good luck to all!
Fantastic Price
when i wake up tomorrow i will have to work out if the window box is wide enough for this lawn mower. thanks stella!
Ordered - amazed if I ever see it
Heat, Ordered
Thank you, ordered.
amazing deal of you can get it!!
That explains why the Mclaren F1 cars are no good this year Honda got there engines mixed up.
Amazing, thanks. Ordered just to save me pushing!
thanks op ordered great price,but to be honest I don't really need one.
wow, got to be deal of the day if fulfilled but i sense this is clearly a misprice for a product that has just been added today X)
Heat..purchased but don't really need another mower, Can't pass up at this price, bargain even if I sell my old one for a tenner.
Fantastic deal if they honour it. The same one is £569.99 at Screwfix which is part of the same company as B&Q. see Screwfix Link
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Got to be in it to win it...
Being cynical Mountfield is probably another B&Q rebrand using a brand once noted for quality and now is rebranded trash. I've no evidence to base that on, just a guess.
Heat!! ordered.
Forgot to add, 5.5% cash back on TopCashBack!!
Ordered. Fingers crossed. Great find.
Fingers crossed they honour these orders, cos that's some bargain. Thanks Op.
worth a punt, they are going for 200-300 second hand on eBay
I think if they honour this I will sell it on to my brother in law, as I would be too embarassed to use it myself with the size of my garden.
Excellent deal! Fingers crossed for delivery
Ordered thanks OP live in an apartment so complete stupid purchase. Love the HUKD life!
shame Im not in UK at the moment would have ordered 50 of them. You can sell these on ebay for 300-350quid all day long..
Dont believe this will be forefilled but fo this price its rude not to have a punt.
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Shhh!, if we keep it quiet just between us they may not notice....;)
Just ordered four....bargain!
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