Posted 4 December 2022

Mous Limitless 3.0 Aramid Fibre Phone Case - Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra £10.20 with code +£2.95 delivery @ Mous

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Aramid Fibre Phone Case - use code TECHNICALLYTEE15LOK

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First-Class Impact Absorption
Superior impact-absorbing AiroShock™ technology and innovative material engineering provide first-class protection

Made From High-Quality Materials
Limitless 3.0 doesn't compromise on style or protection. Stand out with a phone case made from the best materials possible; all stylish, all durable, all unique

Designed to Protect Your Screen
Raised top and bottom edges protect your phone screen, without impeding edge-to-edge swiping

Additional Functionality
Access exclusive bundle discounts when you add your case to cart! Our magnetic accessories work seamlessly with the Limitless 3.0 cases thanks to our AutoAlign+™ magnetic technology

Useful Extra Features
Our Limitless 3.0 cases are designed to be as useful as possible - we've incorporated an extra sim card holder into the design, along with an eyelet through which you can attach a wrist strap, giving you the most versatile case imaginable

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    Very good cases. Accidentally slapped my phone on the kitchen floor from about waist height the 1st day I used the case. Thought wow surely it must be cracked :/ . Checked and it was absolutely fine.
    Wouldn't say they're worth full price but £25 or less, definitely . (edited)
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    I've used these cases for the past 4 years and they have survived toddler hell. Cannot recommend enough
    I can also vouch that with toddlers and this case has made it for the last 4 years well
    Worth the money as saved me hundreds on claims
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    I got this on the last deal. Several drops where the phone has spun and bounced and no damage so far! Is a bit bulky but not too bad.
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    48927285-2umGv.jpgDidn't work for me?
    Because the description states the Note 20 Ultra, you have the S20 Ultra in your basket. Different item and price.
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    Are these cases as good as they say on the adverts ?
    In my opinion, having had 2 (for different phones) they are 100% as good as the adverts say. I am SUPER clumsy and have somewhat of a habit of throwing my phone when I get annoyed at it (not too proud of the habit but hey ho) and I've never had a phone or case break whilst in use, even had a phone (Samsung galaxy S8) fall out a pocket, and get rolled over by a car and both were 100% fine, besides a little bit of scuffing on the case
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    Thanks for the share, needed a new case for a while and seen good things about this brand but refuse to pay the silly prices. This will do!
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    I purchased one for an IPhone recently. Again I was hesitant as a lot of brands such as nudient were all marketing hype. The one I have from Mous in the same fibre case adds significant heft to my iphone. It has grip on the side but at actually feels very odd to hold. Smooth at the back. I am confident it would be able to survive a fall but not from first floor windows like they do in their videos. I usually never pay £20 for cases but as someone wisely pointed out, the amount of money we spend for the devices themselves, it makes sense to have a good case. I paid £10 for a non branded case prior to this from Amazon and it was a real dust magnet and the phone kept popping out of the sides . At this price for a mous case really is a no brainer. Heat for the deal. (edited)
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    Why are these cases so expensive ?
    They are basically indestructible! If the case breaks, there's a good chance your phone is destroyed too
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    No cases on that site for the Pixel 6a, which is a bit odd.
    Mous only do cases for more expensive phones, because of the amount of effort that goes into each case, it wouldn't be beneficial to the company to make cases for every single phone
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    Note 10 Plus plzzzzzzzz
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    Got one for pixel 5 the other day for £8. Very well made but the case is MASSIVE and really heavy... Sure it's bullet proof but I took it off after a day, too fat for my liking.
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    Good price for a decent case. I doubt you would want to pay RRP but £13 delivered is a steal. I would buy this brand.
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    Received the cases for my Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra but they do not fit. The case has a design fault.