Mouse in a match box £3. Wilko

Mouse in a match box £3. Wilko

Found 25th Sep 2013
Got to share as these little toys are so cute, with their own little blanket & box to go sleep in. My girls are obsessed with putting their toys in little boxes so think they'll like these. £3 is a bargain I think.
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So cute! Wish there was a wilkos over in N.Ireland
which store - they are lovely?
Will have a look in my wilko's tomorrow. Thanks
omg!! Are u seriuos? Is that for 3 year old ones?
Good excuse for kids to play with match boxes
My girls love them x
Oswestry, Shropshire store. If you got a house full of girls like me, you'll know how well these will go down in the Christmas stockings :-)
Very cute!
these remind me of the matchboxes with the tiny dolls in (80's child lol)
is it dead?
omg so cute!! have some heat

is it dead?

Also they have a dead hedgehog & lion in match boxes too :-)
Cheaper to catch a mouse and put it in a matchbox. You could also leave some matches in to play with when they get bored with the mouse.
I can't find them. Online or just in store?
£5 in my local store
They had bride & groom mouses in my local wilko in leeds for £6.50. Lovely gift
They have these online at for £17.50 plus delivery. Good find OP. Will take a look in the local Wilko store. Thanks.

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I can't find them. Online or just in store?

In store ..
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Not in y local! anyone seen some in South Wales?
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