Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest & Brush - 99p @ 99p Stores
Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest & Brush - 99p @ 99p Stores

Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest & Brush - 99p @ 99p Stores

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Ergonomically designed wrist rest will prevent fatigue and repetitive strain injury. Indispensable for computer users

Blue or black

Also comes with a large hairy fluffy brush as used by African tribal chiefs


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They also sell a wrist rest cushion which is larger and looks a quality product. I recommend buying and using it just behind the smaller wrist rest on the pad:


I have this - recommended.

Was just about to vote cold until i saw the brush.......HOT from me

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The brush handle and hair length are shorter than the above photo but it has just as much hair if not more and similarly is too soft and fine to be useful for anything other than tickling naked people you are intimate with.

Excellent deal. Have some heat. Wish there was a 99p store near me. Seem to have a lot of deals at the moment.

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The wrist rest basically does 2 things: it gets rid of that pain in the wrist after using the mouse for a while and also keeps the arm flat as though it is resting not working. If you get a pro cushion type (not the title item) like the black photo (also from 99p Store) then it does a third job of massaging the wrist as you use the mouse which is better than it working all the time or just resting. This is because of the little balls in those cushions. Even if you have a small toy/wee cushion/pad etc. or make your own, you won't get the massage because it won't have the balls but it does the first 2 main jobs:

Can't argue with the price!

We dont have a 99p store. Can someone let me know when they go up to poundland prices!!

Good deal.... have some heat

in the bin after about half an hour, mine smelt like burnt out tyres... and now my hands stink from handling it. Not good!
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