mouse trap £4.99 b&m

mouse trap £4.99 b&m

Found 4th Mar 2015
classic game. and bargin for less then a fiver another present sorted for next xmas

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Been after one of these for a decent price for a while. Will check our local store tomorrow.. Thank you!
None in Castleford unfortunately!
You got my hopes up when I saw "classic" in the description thinking they'd re-released the old classic 70's design version but from the picture this is the new(ish) 2006 version with the toilet which we've already got. It's not just us being old gits stuck in the past either, our young daughter much prefers the older version. Still, voted hot as it's an awesome price.
The game is a pile of rubbish. nothing like the old game. good price though.

The game is a pile of rubbish. nothing like the old game. good price though.

The old game was rubbish..the only fun I had as a kid with it was putting it together....the gameplay itself was a very dull board game.

The old game was rubbish..the only fun I had as a kid with it was putting it together....the gameplay itself was a very dull board game.

Obviously it was all geared up to the trap but even so with it's simple gameplay it was a lot more enjoyable than this one, that's why it was sold for 40 odd years. Take a look at the reviews on Amazon and you'll see it has more 1 star reviews than anything, most of which are saying it's not a patch on the original.…Q14

I was really looking forward to playing this when I saw it had been redesigned but it's pretty poor - Hasbro could do a great updated Mousetrap but this isn't it. I'm not exactly the target audience now but my daughter and her mates all prefer my old one from when I was a nipper despite it being 35 years old and the board being a bit tatty now.

I don't want to take anything away from this deal though as it's a steal at that price, kids will find the flushing toilet a laugh but I just wish you could buy a new version of the original design.
Great price no doubt but a terrible game.
Kids had it for xmas and was so difficult to construct and it just didn't stay together as it should...original was a much superior design imo
I don't like this game,is taking longer to put pieces together, than time kids will use to play with. And game is not working like should.
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