Mousse Absolue - L'Oreal Hair Dye £1.99 in Home Bargains.

Mousse Absolue - L'Oreal Hair Dye £1.99 in Home Bargains.

Found 7th Dec 2015
New from L'Oreal. Mousse Absolue hair dye. Picked one up this morning for £1.99 then saw them in Boots for £10.99 on offer!!
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wow. sounds good. is it similar to that foam colorant?
Which h.b was this in?
Edgeley, Stockport. Yes it's the same idea as the foam stuff
Thanks, this stuff is brilliant because the colour and activator are in separate bottles and mix only when you dispense it, meaning you can just put the lid back on and keep any remaining for use later - I have short hair so I get 3 uses out of this one pack.
I saw your post earlier this morning and whilst out shopping I nipped into h.b O. the off chance they had some which they did. They had about 4-5 different shades. This was in the Portadown store. Absolute bargain this should get really hot. Thanks op.
got this in preston home bsrgins too, plenty of shades
They had dark chocolate brown and dark red/brown ('chestnut' maybe?) at HB Filton
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