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Larry Sanders Show Series 1-6 DVD £39.99 @ MOVIEMAIL
Found 15th Dec 2014Found 15th Dec 2014
Complete collection, comprising all six seasons, from the highly-influential cult 1990s US sitcom based around the antics of chat show host Larry Sanders (Garry Shandling). The sho… Read more
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Absolutely essential, and a steal. Hilarious. One of the best shows ever, and criminally treated by the clowns at the BBC who put it on in a graveyard slot, and messed with its scheduling; in fact, pretty much exactly what they did to Seinfeld. A UK copy featuring Michael Barrymore (called 'Bob Martin') ran for about 6 episodes, and we know how that worked out...


One of the best shows ever!


NSFW Your text here


producer arty is just comedy gold,an incredible character. the funniest tv program i have ever seen.there is also hank kingsley to laugh your **** off about as many good characters and well written comedy episodes.the quality of comedy is just so high.


Brilliant series. One of those cult comedy works of genius

Nosferatu Limited Edition Steelbook Blu ray £6.99 @
Found 4th Dec 2014Found 4th Dec 2014
Next cheapest is £9.99 at Zavvi Transfer review: One of the most terrifying and also believable of all t… Read more
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Spent too much on films this months as it is but had to grab this, £6.29 delivered is a bargain for this. Thanks OP. :)


Great film




nice find op, heat added :)

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Hannibal Season 1 (Blu-ray) £8.49 delivered @ Movie Mail UK
Found 30th Nov 2014Found 30th Nov 2014
After a particularly grueling case hunting a serial killer known as the Minnesota Shrike, Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) threatens to walk away. Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne), the h… Read more

Stunning series. Give it around 5 episodes to find it's stride and then it becomes some of the best TV you could possibly watch and season two is even better.


Ordered this the other day with the 10% code :) not dispatched yet but gonna watch it and see what I think, can always sell it if I don't like it!


Brilliant series :)

The Adventures of Antoine Doinel: Five Film Truffaut Collection Blu ray pre-order £30.99 @ Moviemail
Found 12th Nov 2014Found 12th Nov 2014
Not expecting much heat for this, as it is quite niche. However it's a good deal in my opinion, at just over £6 a film, considering the cost of each bought separately. Next cheape… Read more
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Thanks for the heads up on Forbidden Games - another day to max out my cards. Recently, they have had a few good prices, all on the deal tags.


So it's not about the bloke who played C3PO then...


Would've pre-ordered this but I already have The 400 Blows. Thought they were gonna bail on the boxsets but tricky Artificial Eye have done it the other way around to other labels and released the separate discs first, which is nice of them (ahem). I originally thought they were gonna do two Truffaut boxsets - half of his films in one set, half in the other. But they changed their plan and announced a Doinel set, which is kind of annoying 'cause I would've bought this! It's like the Satyajit Ray set all over again... Indeed the best price so far, but from experience (The Werner Herzog Collection) it was soon much cheaper from Amazon or elsewhere after a few weeks. Also worth noting you should pay by card - if you pay by PayPal, they take the funds straight away even if it's a pre-order. I found that out the hard way! MovieMail are often more expensive than other places, but occasionally feature decent bargains. I just bought Rene Clement's Forbidden Games from them last night for only £7.99 on blu-ray!


MM have a few good prices, making a change here.

Larry Sanders Show Complete 1-6 DVD £39.99 @ MovieMail
Found 11th Oct 2014Found 11th Oct 2014
Complete collection, comprising all six seasons, from the highly-influential cult 1990s US sitcom based around the antics of chat show host Larry Sanders (Garry Shandling). The sho… Read more
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Has anyone else received their copy of this yet? I emailed them as it has been 8 working days since my order but the reply told me they now estimate it to be another 7-10 days. I've never used movie mail before and suspect I never will again but wondered if I had just been unlucky.


Just the mention of Larry Sanders show puts a big smile on my face, brilliant show.


Brilliant TV show


Yeah, I saved a fortune on buying CDs when I realised I could just sing the songs in my head


I've just bought a copy of this and paid via paypal. When I reached the very end it told me that the order hadn't gone through as there was a problem with my payment. I've checked with paypal and the money has gone, and I've had an email to confirm the same. I've emailed Movie Mail to try to sort it out but thought I'd post it here as a warning. I've never used the site before so could have just been unlucky but it's not very reassuring, especially at a weekend as I probably won't get a response until Monday.

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Hannibal Season 1 (Blu-ray) £8.49 delivered @ Movie Mail UK
Found 11th Oct 2014Found 11th Oct 2014
£23.58 on Amazon. After a particularly grueling case hunting a serial killer known as the Minnesota Shrike, Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) threatens to walk away. Jack Crawford (Laurenc… Read more

Thanks Sollas. As this thread is over 1 month old I reposted the deal -


back on again.


Has anyone got theirs yet? been almost a month and i'm still waiting :s


Nope, still waiting.. :(


Same here so I tried again and then found 2 payments in paypal statement. Today received one set for 8.49 so that's a start. Will chase up refund. Did you get yours?

The Avengers: 50th Anniversary LE (39 DVDs) - £9.99 @ MovieMail
Found 24th Sep 2014Found 24th Sep 2014
All the surviving episodes from series 1-6 of the cult 1960s action series The Avengers, starring Patrick MacNee, Honor Blackman, Diana Rigg and Linda Thorson. Released in a speci… Read more

I found it still on my basket after having the "will not fulfil" email, and reordered. Now I actually have a despatch email!


i emailed them last week - and they ignored me. so opened a dispute with paypal. an apologetic email would have been nice and an automatic refund. are they thinking i will just go away? total bell-ends.


As I had no order confirmation email after ordering, I wasn't able to set my usual gmail flags to chase, and totally forgot about this until today. What is it with companies like this? You no give product, you return money. Simples. Dispute raised.


:( Mine has gone straight through into my account.


They did the same to me, refunded me as soon as I raised a dispute with Paypal, however for some reason Paypal have put a hold on the refund though.

The Big Bang Theory Seasons 1-6 Blu Ray £29.49 @ Moviemail
Found 14th Jun 2014Found 14th Jun 2014
All six seasons of the US comedy series about two university physicists, Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons), their beautiful, free-spirited neighbour Penny (Kaley C… Read more
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Cheapest I've seen it is £24.99 for bluray and I've checked every site!


As S#!t as Friends. It seems that weak jokes are mandatory for every sentance!




no way bluray was 12.99 at zavvii - proof please. cheapest I've seen dvd at zavvi is 19.99


Seasons 1-6 on Blu ray?

Classe Tous Risques (Sautet, 1960) Blu-ray (and DVD) £9.99 @ Movie Mail
Found 6th Jun 2014Found 6th Jun 2014
Often ignored amidst showier contemporaries, this understated, wintry crime thriller starring Lino Ventura (Army of Shadows) and Jean-Paul Belmondo (Breathless) looks better with e… Read more

An interesting view - so you're not keen on expanding the audience for world cinema then?


If you have to explain who Jean-Paul Belmondo is you're wasted here.

Breaking Bad: Series 1-3 DVD £5.99 @ Moviemail
Found 3rd Apr 2014Found 3rd Apr 2014
Yes I know it only Seasons 1-3 of Breaking Bad but still £5.99 cant go wrong! Quick!
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Just received a refund. As expected, really.


Just received my cancellation email for this :-( In your order #2592707 placed on 03/04/2014 you ordered "Breaking Bad: Series 1-3" from us. Unfortunately we are not in a position to supply this title. Our stock controller's notes indicate that: Unfortunately due to a pricing error we are unable to fulfill your order. Please accept our sincere apologies for the error. All orders have been removed from the system. We apologise for your inconvenience and confirm that we have not charged your Credit/Debit card. Best regards, The MovieMail Team


That's 5% off.


Just managed to get my order in for £5.99......the order notification I received states that they were "Winner of Best Buy award for Ethical online DVD shopping" so who knows? They may honour it? But my order history on their website states "New orders are checked before they are confirmed so they can take a short while to appear on this page." So maybe they will spot it! Fingers crossed!


Back to £22.49...

Breaking Bad (Complete Series) - Blu Ray - £12.49 @ MovieMall
Found 3rd Apr 2014Found 3rd Apr 2014
Clearly a mis-price. Worth a shot. Cannot access the site ... it's down so cannot buy - gerrymig - Site is just slow - it's still working.
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Did anyone get one?




That may be true if only six people had ordered. However, the posting of the link on here caused the Moviemall site to crash. There's seven pages worth of comments on here, and that's not withstanding however many hundreds/thousands of people browse HUKD without logging in. So, it's a fair bet there's at least several hundred orders, regardless of how many multiples.


But it does...... If six people order one each then that's a total of 6 If six people order fifty each then that's a total of 300


ah, right. sorry... thought i was defending the honour of the site and slapping down an idiot. it seems that was me... that'll teach me to be uppity...

The Wolf of Wall Street (Steelbook) Blu-ray £21.37 (Sold Out at Amazon & £27.99 at Zavvi) at MovieMail
Found 31st Mar 2014Found 31st Mar 2014
Was launched at £20, but has quickly gone out of stock on PreOrders across the internet. This is not only one of the places that still has it in stock, but the cheapest by a clea… Read more
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mmm hmm hmm hu, mmm hmm hmm hu (beats chest).


Whoops, use code FILMFAN However, just found for £20.99 at, but didnt appear on search results via (Random!?)


People love their disk in a metal box so much but each to their own


Never quite understood why


Says £22.49 to me...

World Cinema Blu-ray Sale - All under £10 @ MovieMail
Found 18th Feb 2014Found 18th Feb 2014
200 high-definition titles all under £10. Some of the finest films in the offer including: Carlos the Jackal: The Movie Amazon £12.76 MovieMail £9.99 Beaufort Amazon: MovieMail… Read more
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Yeah but I will always prefer physical over digital.


I like the idea but you can buy the HD downloads for less, not a great bargain unless you like the physical edition. TY for posting though

'Trainspotting', 'Shallow Grave', 'Sexy Beast' & 'Gangster No. 1' - Blu-ray boxset - £9.99 @ Moviemail
Found 31st Jan 2014Found 31st Jan 2014
Great price for these films, works out £2.50 each. Free UK postage.
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Shame, this looked a good deal.


Yes, mine has been cancelled to. :(


Just had an email from Moviemail saying that the price was wrong and they're not honouring my purchase. Anyone else had this? *edit* the price is now £19.99 - although it's still in my basket for £9.99!


 Not this time, Gal. Not this time. Not this f**king time. No. No no no no no no no no no! No! No no no no no no no no no no no no no! No! Not this f**king time! No f**king way! No f**king way, no f**king way, no f**king way! You've made me look a right 'See You Next Tuesday'!


Great if you like murder, drugs, backstabbing, front stabbing , Scots and Cockneys Some good cinematography too, so could well be worth the Blu Ray

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Extended Versions Blu-ray £16.49 @ (plus 5.55% TopCashBack)
Found 4th Jan 2014Found 4th Jan 2014
Been after this for a while and couldn't find any of the £15 in Tesco ones but still cheap, thought I'd share if you haven't already got this. Thanks!
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I managed to get it for £10.44 on Friday from Just so people know this site is showing price as £34.99 now.


A member emailed the seller at Play and they confirmed the price was genuine and it was the 15 disc extended Bluray edition. :)


Yep, Sainsbury's sent a "dispatched" email the same evening. :)


Ah, I see from a seller on where there was a four page debate as to whether they were buying dvds or blurays, not worth the hassle and it's now long gone, so this is still a deal...


Am intrigued to know from where? For the extended bluray? Cheapest deal I could find posted was either Tesco in store for £15 or two days ago £19.99 in store in HMV. I'm happy I paid £16.49 instead of chasing in store deals which don't exist when I get to the store.