Moving Wallpaper / Echo Beach: Complete Series 1 Box Set [4xDVD] £4.49 @ base

Moving Wallpaper / Echo Beach: Complete Series 1 Box Set [4xDVD] £4.49 @ base

Found 11th Jan 2011
The complete first series of Moving Wallpaper and Echo Beach. Extras are only available in this box set including: Interviews, Deleted Scenes, Outtakes.

Television well and truly collapses in on itself in the much anticipated inter-related soap/comedy-drama ECHO BEACH and MOVING WALLPAPER. This release features the complete first series of both shows.

ECHO BEACH is set in the coastal town of Polnarren in Cornwall, and follows the lives of Daniel (Jason Donovan), Susan (Martine McCutcheon) and Mark (Hugo Speer), and their families and friends. Mark and Susan are married with children but their loyalties are put to the test when her ex-lover, and Mark's ex-friend, Daniel, turns up in town after 20 years to set up a surf-shop-cafe. Secrets, rivalries, passion and surfing, all set against a beautifully romantic Cornish backdrop.

MOVING WALLPAPER is a fictional depiction of the soap's production office; going behind-the-scenes to expose the antics, arguments and backbiting of the show's staff, helmed by the irrepressible producer and 'mastermind' Jonathan Pope (played with relish by Ben Miller). Filmed in a mockumentary-style, this comedy-drama cleverly pokes fun at the TV industry and its players. The cast of the soap regularly appear as versions of themselves; throwing diva strops and pestering writers for more lines, providing plenty of in-jokes and cross-over stories when viewed alongside ECHO BEACH.

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