Moxie Slender Pads - FREE Sample
Moxie Slender Pads - FREE Sample

Moxie Slender Pads - FREE Sample

NOTE: You may have to allow for pop ups. Designed with extra absorption, breathability, comfort and convenience in mind, new Moxie Slenders pads come in a gorgeous boudoir box that sits perfectly on your bedroom or bathroom shelf. Each pack also contains a 100% recyclable tin compact that is oh-so purse-worthy! Click on the Cosmopolitan magazine promotion tab and register. Then enter your details and enter the promocode COSMO1 to receive your FREE sample.

It does ask for mobile phone number so just put in an old number or make one up!


have to say i have never heard of these but have sent away for free sample any ways thanks heat added

thanks, heat added.

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is there a promo code?

promocode COSMO1 i put it in the description

I've not heard of these either, but good to try something different, thanks.

[Please note: Tins available in full retail packs only.]

thank you.
iv seen these in superdrugs the packaging looks very nice

thanks for posting - not heard of them either but have applied for free sample to

Thanks a lot, heat added.

:thumbsup: thanks will try

had an email about these from free stuff site i registered with hope they arrive

cant open the cosmopoliton link?

think I need Adobe.

that was it works now thanks.

thanx x

Thank you ;0)

what exactly is this freebie for?

Great find, heat & rep added.


great ordered mine !! thanks xx :thumbsup:

Thatw a great deal to me! ;p
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