MP3 & Ipod FM Transmitter with charger £6.98 (£3.99 plus £2.99 shipping)
MP3 & Ipod FM Transmitter with charger £6.98 (£3.99 plus £2.99 shipping)

MP3 & Ipod FM Transmitter with charger £6.98 (£3.99 plus £2.99 shipping)

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Brand new, 1 year warranty, includes lighter socket power cable.

Perfect solution for mp3 to car audio system
- Four Channels High-clarity, full stereo sound
- Light, easy to carry
- Compact cable management

Now you can use your MP3 to listen to your favourite tunes through any FM stereo receiver. Songbird FM Transmitter wirelessly connects portable music players to your car or home stereo quickly and easily. Just plug the FM Transmitter into the headphone jack of your MP3 or any audio source including your PDA, CD, or cassette player; or connect it to your PC or laptop computer. Tune your car stereo or receiver to the clearest FM frequency, and enjoy your digital music with full sound and convenience.

Item price is just £3.99, so great little extra if your already ordering from BigPockets, but still, even with delivery on top its a good price.


Does anyone have one of these or a review, as I am tempted:thinking:

Bought one that looks like this for my wife last christmas from our local market. She's not used it every day but it has been ok so far. Sound quality is adequate for when you're driving. Takes a normal or rechargeable battery or plugs into the lighter socket. Only has a choice of 4 frequencies to transmit on but that hasn't caused a problem locally - not tried it nationwide. If you are concerned about that play.com sell them with more frequencies for about a tenner.

May be worth checking ledshoppe.com if you just want this.

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or £3.99 here … or £3.99 here -http://www.bigpockets.co.uk/product.php?lang=&product_id=23025&menu=&submenu=&session=a28c7a032a9f98761a992bec44b59d26

Lol :whistling: - this is exactly what the thread is showing you :giggle:

damn and blast, i realised that after i posted so i deleted it, (so it said)
It looked to be deleted to me, honest, LOL

never mind

They're good as long as the iPod isn't charging whilst playing, causes a lot of interference otherwise!

Sold OUT


The one can charge and hold the iPod is better, it do not need additional power supply to the transmitter.
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