MP3 Karaoke Machine. £9.99 B&M

MP3 Karaoke Machine. £9.99 B&M

LocalFound 23rd Oct 2017
MP3 Karaoke Machine £9.99 B&M. Am going to test it tonight so will update if it's any good. Seems a bargain for a younger child when you don't yet wanna spend the usual prices on a proper one
2816556.jpg yet. Mic has a crowd cheering button too as well as a few others.
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** Update** I am going to keep this. It's perfect for a 2 year old for £10. It's loud enough which was my concern however would like the option of a bit louder... Which you have. There is a headphone port which can also plug in speakers if preferred. I'm gonna get her a better mic too but the Lexibook Frozen one doesn't even work. I recommend Singstar mics as they are amazing. So I'd say if it's fun not to be a serious singer it's worth buying 😊
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