MPLEX Free System Build (On parts over £250)
MPLEX Free System Build (On parts over £250)

MPLEX Free System Build (On parts over £250)

Mplex is offering to build any components into any system absolutely FREE, all you have to do is select your components you wish and Mplex will build, test and provide a full system restore pack unique to your FREE build, A few steps to follow when purchasing your own spec system

* Components must be purchased from Mplex, and purchased on the same sales invoice
* The System must consist of each key component to complete a working computer system / base unit
* Components must come to the retail value of £250.00 or above
* It can be anything you wish, providing all the components are compatible with each other
* System Restore packs only available when purchased with the relevant operating software.

Its that easy, contact any Mplex branch for more details, or call-in and we can advise you on what components and products will be best for your needs This Offer will be permanent and will run parallel to our pre-set MX Systems, so you can take full advantage any time of the year.



spammed 95% sure self promo

Hi Andy, I'm in no way associated with the aformentioned retailer. Just happen to be a local store which i beleive is running a good deal. Fraid we dont get many deals for Northern Ireland local stores!!.

Cheers, Cecil.[/QUOTE]

some of their prices are outrageous

Original Poster

as are most in Northern Ireland....that store is actually one of the cheapest walk into stores over here!!
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