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TPS Protect - report nuisance calls as soon as they hang up
Found 6th OctFound 6th Oct
Seems like a good idea if, like me, you get about 5 "I'm calling about the accident which wasn't your fault" calls per week. I know they are a scam, you know they are a scam - old … Read more
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Fair enough, sounds good, thanx. :-)


Should I answer has stopped all calls. If someone like BT calls it shows me it's BT and gives me the option to answer. But all spam calls have stopped.


Interesting. Not bad. :-)


Nice one. :-)


Which is better, this, or the OP's?.

Calling all mobile users... text TPS to 85095 to reduce nuisance calls
Found 13th Oct 2017Found 13th Oct 2017
Deal of the day (well for anyone like me that hates unsolicited calls...) Mobile phone users can send a simple text message to opt out of unsolicited sales and marketing calls. Th… Read more

Just use Truecaller app - TPS are toothless these days as people have rightly pointed out about locations of call centres


What's fishy.. No matter what you think of them they well known and legit


Sounds fishy AF I don't like this


Well be it you like tps or not this thread has certainly been good for other helpful apps etc that help achieve something we can all agree is an annoyance to put it politely (highfive)


I've a galaxy s8 and it tells you if a number us dodgy if one does call you. It gives you an option to press block and that's it. This seems like a lot of work in comparison. Having to answer and explain yourself, no thanks! Really dont get this at all. You can even get apps to block all these numbers outright.

Stop Nuisance Text Messages For Free
Found 28th Aug 2016Found 28th Aug 2016
Calling all mobile users... text 85095 to reduce nuisance calls Mobile phone users can send a simple text message to opt out of unsolicited sales and marketing calls. The 'text-to… Read more
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They are a waste of time. We've been registered with TPS for years and hasn't made that much difference to the cold andspam calls we get.


Taken from the website "Registering with the TPS, however, does not prevent spam text messages."


Costs depending on your network provider, therefore not free. Found out the hard way!


Bloody useless company waste of time.


they even spread your details forward... oO

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TPS Telephone Preference Service
Found 27th May 2016Found 27th May 2016
I'm sure some people already know about this service but for those who don't you can opt here to stop nuisance calls.

The TPS used to just need the address to send a confirmation letter (thats when i worked there).


Doesnt make much difference. I have been registered for many years and still get countless cold calls. These b*****d cold calling marketing organisations that should be checking this dont and wont and will just call regardless. They are are a bit like the can vote for any party you wish but the Government will always get in anyways.


Why is nobody mentioning the 5 digit number that charges to send this text? If it doesn't even do anything to take your number off call lists, isn't it just an easy money maker?


I ask them how they got my number & if they can remove my details from their list. They usually give me some abuse or try to continue the conversation - the amount of time these calls waste is annoying! I registered with this service a long time ago - do I need to re-register?


It depends.

Stop nuisance phone calls - TPS
Found 10th Jun 2014Found 10th Jun 2014
The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is a free service. It is the official central opt out register on which you can record your preference not to receive unsolicited sales or ma… Read more
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If you mean the call blocking device, they can be disabled through dialing a code (the truecall can actually be set to allow everything at night etc) I'm waiting on a reply from nhs wales and South Wales police as to weather their numbers still come up as witheld I'll report back as soon as I get an answer


Don't want it. Calls from the hospital was vital when my son was ill. I cancelled these people, so we can receive the calls. COLD. They have no idea what the difference is between nuisance and life-saving calls.


[/URL][/img] Looks Very Good. Significant differences though is that Truecall blocks, sends to answer phone, has a dial through (for people using a different phone number), allows web control, allows you to see who's been calling and how often, doesn't ring or make any noise at all for ANY unsolicited numbers, has time of day blocks etc etc. The main thing is that my Dads phone only rings from approved people ( he can't deal with nuisance callers, even pressing the button ) but I can also see who's been calling and add them to his approved list if needed so he doesn't miss calls. On the latest one you can even programme the machine with a carers number, such as "if this is an important call then ring his son on ********** " I would never have believed I would be happy spending £100 on an answer phone, but if this broke I'd order one tomorrow for him. I like both machines, horses for courses I have tried to include an example of the web call breakdown, fingers crossed.


And for people who don't need that level of sophistication, there's the CPR Call blocker (1300 five star reviews on Amazon) or if you like new, £40 on Amazon


This is useless you still get unwanted calls even after using this service! Cold from me!

Stop unwanted sales and marketing calls with the Telephone Preference Service
Found 3rd Oct 2012Found 3rd Oct 2012
Didn't really see this posted anytime recently but it's good-to-know-type information, especially if you're like me and sign up for loads of stuff and include your telephone number… Read more

This only stops the legitimate companies, what about the ones who call you even though they know they shouldn't?



thanks subscribed my mobiles didnt know it worked for them!!!

nb1 just registered all my family - thanks!


just renewed my car insurance ,got qoutes from go compare....never has never stopped ring for weeks.....bloody eedjits....lesson definatley learnt.......dont freakin compare jack

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Stop or Reduce Cold Calling, Free registration with The Telephone Preference Service (TPS)
Found 9th Sep 2010Found 9th Sep 2010
Welcome to the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is a free service. It is the official central opt out register on which you can record you… Read more
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I've been on this for years too but still get the so called silent calls - the voice activated carp that drives me insane. Asked Virgin to stop the number but they couldn't help. Instead they put me onto a website which claims to be able to stop them. It didn't. The only advice I'd give is to accidentally transpose 2 digits of your telephone number when filling in forms. Works better than any filter service :)


Signed up, thanks. I don't tend to get these calls anyway (lucky I guess) but it's good to know i'm on the list.


Oh the irony! :p


exactly. unreal how some people vote this cold. If its not for you, move on. It will certainly hope those who arent silly enough to put their real telnos into online competitions lol


If you follow the following steps you will soon stop getting cold calls (doesn't work with recordings) Me - Hello Caller - Is that Mr Smith/Jones/Archer etc Me - No, but I will go and get him for you You then place the handset next to the phone and go back to whatever you were doing. Go back to the phone after 15mins and there will be noone there Sorted

Stop or reduce cold phone calls, free registration at Telephone Preference Service (TPS)
Found 21st Nov 2009Found 21st Nov 2009
Register at Telephone Preference service and you wil get less cold calls. Free service and can register online. Similar service for snail mail at … Read more
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Positive experience for me also, everytime I have registered/updated numbers etc I get no marketing calls, except foreign call centres and then I just put the phone down until they hang up!!! Heat and Rep Op as it is always worth reminding of once a year.:thumbsup:


are u not mixing this up with a withheld number calling - i.e u have a block on accepting withheld numbers....................this service is a totally completely different thing.




many thanks have reg.


Registered years ago and only get the occasional call ~just mention TPS when they call and they become apologetic :)