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Posted 19 September 2022

Mr Benn (Complete Series : All 14 Episodes) £2.99 (To Own) @ Amazon Prime Video

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Bargain, IMO, for some proper kids TV.

Follow the adventures of the bowler-hatted Mr Benn in this hit 70s kids show. When he tries on a costume in a mysterious costume shop, he steps out of the changing room into a different time and place, that seems to fit with what he's wearing.

1. The Red Knight

2. The Hunter

3. The Cook

4. The Caveman

5. The Balloonist

6. The Zoo Keeper

7. The Diver

8. The Wizard

9. The Cowboy

10. The Clown

11. The Magic Carpet

12. The Spaceman

13. The Pirate

14. The Gladiator
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    It’s included with Prime.
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    Anonymous User
    Some recent events have brought this series to mind, so it weird to see it here.

    If I remember correctly he didnt have a job, wore a suit and bowler hat, tried on costumes he never purchased or hired and often ‘found’ items when he got home that he should have returned. I loved it.
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    They were based on children's books. One of them he dressed as a prisoner with the outfit with arrows on it but that never made it into the cartoon.
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    Heat from me. I love Ray Brooks' voice.
    BTW: Festing Road in Putney (former home of the illustrator) is the basis for Festive Road in Mr Benn
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    Only 14 episodes

    I thought there were hundreds as a kid!
    Me to
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    Heat added.

    One of my favourite cartoons from early 70s. It was surreal, along with Bagpuss (both original series of Mr Benn and Bagpuss were thirteen episodes in length as well).
    Completely agree, both classics. I loved them both when i was kid. Bagpuss especially was like some other-worldly experience - I used to sit there transfixed by it. (edited)
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    Always shown in the 70's, mid afternoon
    Used to see it when I was sick and off school. lying on the couch, bowl next to me and a bottle of Lucozade with the orange wrapper on
    And a packet of Cherry Strepsils
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    And as if by magic I parted with £2.99
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    You need to check the space key on your keyboard. You've described 'this hit show' in a manner you didn't mean....well...unless you didn't like it (edited)
    Ha. Whoops. Edited. I'll now ban myself for the rest of the night for being a potty mouth
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    Don't mix it up with Mr Bean, also has 14 Episodes which i thought this was initially lol..
    Me too
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    As if by magic the shopkeeper appeared... Class! (edited)
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    Used to love this program as a kid.
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    Ah memories....Mr Benn was a dreamer - don't settle for less - have adventures. Good msg for kids. Born 68 - and what great kids stuff -- Trumpton - Chigley - Camberwick green - fingerbobs and many more. But for me Mr Benn was my fav
    Windy miller had it right generating his own electric
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    Used to love this!
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    Pretty sure he took lsd in the changing room similar to Dillon being stoned in magic round about
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    I watched it for the first time since the 70's a few years ago with my young grandson. He liked it a lot and found it funny, and great nostalgia for me.
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    Damn I'm old enough to remember this first time round :-(

    'The Diver' was my fav !
    Me too! Wasn’t there a submarine one as well, or am I getting confused with the diver one?
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    Excellent series, along with the visually jazzy Crystal Tipps and Alistair
    I reckon they were on Aciid or LSD ….(confused) (edited)
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    It's also on britbox
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    My 18 month laugh dances and singing to the music as did I, everything speak nostalgia in this program.

    They didn't have much to work on visually for these times but the narrator and music is incredible 🙌 however fast forward to 2022 and we have everything visually but no ear candy Really. (edited)
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    They must have been repeated on the BBC, I thought there were hundreds (born 69)
    Yep, only 13. Episode 14 here is an extra one that was made in 2005.
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    This along with Chigley, Camberwick Green, Trumpton, Bagpus and of course The Clangers were so classic. Teaching kids the right way to behave while entertaining them too... I remember them all first time round!

    Yes the imaging may not be up to todays standards, but they were so mucb better than the inane drivel our kids have to watch now!
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    Head down to SW15
    48265449-RY4Va.jpg (edited)
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    he married pauline fowler
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    Dammit, I can’t get the tune out of my head now! I used to really enjoy this, but nothing surpasses the magic roundabout! (edited)
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    FAB, Absolutely Fabulous program
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    Gladiator was a newer episode from 2005. Others 1971/72

    Classic series

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    Mr Benn in the 1980s, along with Pigeon Street, Bric-a-Brac, Fingermouse, The Flumps, Camberwick Green, Trumpton, Bag Puss, The Wombles were all on around the same time, probally missed one or two? (edited)
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    Shame it's not 4k
    It’d look more like Minecraft in 4K! ;-)
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    Mr Freemason
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    I never recalled Mr Benn ever purchasing one solitary item in that costume shop, I can only assume he was selling him under the counter many types of hallucinogenics for his adventures to be happy to keep on seeing him in the shop.
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    not forgetting the deleted halloween episode.

    Mr Benn - The Murderer

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    "Then zip by magic, the shopkeeper appeared."

    At least that's what I thought they said. To this day it's a phrase I use, knowing it's incorrect, but unable to move on from a magical period of my life when nothing mattered too much, least of all a misheard catchphrase.
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    When was this out to start with? I'm only just discovering it on here now..
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    And at the weekend Mr.Benn liked nothing better than to dress as a lady and call himself Doris....
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    Jeez I thought there where many more episodes then 14, part of my youth
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    Sexual deviant. I never trusted him.
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    “nostalgia, one of the greatest human weaknesses - that and the neck”

    Dwight K Shrute
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    am I missing something?

    Or is Mr Benn the new Stranger Things?