Mr Benn: The Complete Series (Box Set) @ SelectCheaper  only £4.38 delivered

Mr Benn: The Complete Series (Box Set) @ SelectCheaper only £4.38 delivered

Found 9th Feb 2008
Don't forget 5% Quidco!

"As if by magic... the Shopkeeper appeared!"

Mr Benn lives at Number 52 Festive Road. He's a very ordinary man who, from time to time, visits an unusual Fancy Dress Shop run by a kind but strange Shopkeeper. On each visit Mr. Benn chooses an outfit form the shop's collection and takes it to the Gateway Changing Room, the magic gateway that leads to lots of extraordinary adventues.

This DVD release, for the first time, features all 14 original episodes of 'Mister Benn', plus an exclusive bonus episode filmed in 2004, all voiced by the inimitable Ray Brooks.

Episode titles: 'The Red Knight', 'The Clown', 'The Balloonist', 'The Wizard', 'The Spaceman', 'The Cook', 'The Caveman', 'The Hunter', 'The Zookeeper', 'The Frogman', 'The Cowboy', 'Magic Carpet', 'The Pirate' and 'The Gladiator'.


Exclusive bonus episode filmed in 2004, Documentary on the 'Mr Benn' phenomena


Almost ordered this.

Thought it said Mr Bean :oops:

:thumbsup: Down memory lane

bought it last year from hmv for £2.99

wow this brings back memories.

Ah yes, Mr Benn goes into the strange shop, takes some drugs , er sorry puts on an outfit and has an adventure.

Only 3 instock
Can be purchased from sendit @ £4.39 less Quidco

Don't forget Quidco

I always thought the music was really good to this.

I'd hardly describe this as a 'boxset' - the version I bought in HMV last year was just a single disc affair but it still contained all the stuff listed above. I think I paid a fiver for my copy.

WoW love mr ben takes me back 2 youth !!!!!!11111

dot cotton chucked him out of a window last year havent seen him since

Classic, just need Hong kong phooey cheap now

while were on this era how about getting this from HMV for £4.55 but at the same time buy 'the complete BOD' for £3.63, these are with quidco of course. Anyone remember Bod?
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