Mr Benn: The Complete Series @ HMV only £3.99 delivered
Mr Benn: The Complete Series @ HMV only £3.99 delivered

Mr Benn: The Complete Series @ HMV only £3.99 delivered

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The cult classic where Mr Benn is an ordinary man who goes to an unusual Fancy Dress Shop where he tries on an outfit and as if by magic he enters a world of adventure. The complete series plus a brand new episode.


Come on guys, for anyone who still hasn't got this, this is a decent price (+Q'co). Let's heat it up:p.:viking: (love this viking!)

Mr Benn one of my all time favourites heat added:thumbsup:

I bought this from amazon for 4.50.

This dvd will bring peace and tranquility to the world, and great lessons in wisdom and morality.

I would vote for Mr Benn to be Prime Minister if not for the shop lifting at the end of each episode.


Remember this from being a child - looking forward to watching with my daughter!

fantastic kids series at a good price

Great buy for this iconic series. For me it's up there with Mary, Mungo and Midge.. :thumbsup:

loving this deal, bought for a fiver a year ago so this is a steal, mr benn is the man

14 Episodes

The Red Knight- Mr. Benn helps a disgraced palace dragon regain the King's favour, and bring justice on the evil man who ruined his reputation.

The Big Game Hunter- Mr. Benn is dressed as a hunter, but he doesn't behave like one. He prevents his fellow hunter from killing any of the animals.

The Clown- Mr. Benn helps the circus people to build a bridge to get to the next town.

The Balloonist- Mr. Benn and his partner in a balloon race outwit the cheating Baron Bartrum.

The Wizard- Mr. Benn is asked by a Queen to change her husband's appearance.

The Spaceman- Mr. Benn and his fellow astronaut visit several weird and wonderful planets.

The Caveman

The Cook- Mr. Benn helps a Princess who refuses to eat find her appetite.

The Zoo-Keeper

The Diver- Mr. Benn helps King Neptune and his mermaid daughter outwit the crews of two submarines out to find a sea monster

The Cowboy- Mr.Benn helps a tribe of cowboys defeat some Indians, in a rather unusual game.

The Magic Carpet- Mr. Benn helps a boy outwit an evil magician, with the help of a genie in a bottle.

The Pirate- Mr. Benn helps some sailors turn their Captain into an honest man.

The Gladiator

I remember this

Think I'll drop some LSD and watch this. Only kidding. I remember this was pretty trippy stuff when I was Kid. Shopkepper in the Fez with kaleidoscope eyes. Wonder what Mr Benn was on?

There seemed to be a lot more episodes when I was a kiddy, but only 14 I think !

cool just ordered it can't wait till it arrives

heat added..£3.63 after quidco..cheapest i found on ebay was £5 delivered.

Cheers OP, used to have this on video. :thumbsup:
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