Mr. Creosote Vomiting Sauce Dispenser - was £15 now £8.40 At Debenhams

Mr. Creosote Vomiting Sauce Dispenser - was £15 now £8.40 At Debenhams

Found 17th Dec 2010
Quite revolting I would Imagine A Must for any Monty Python Fan surely.

Fill the pump action Mr. Creosote with ketchup, mustard or any other sauce that takes your fancy and let him vomit into the mini buckets for individual sauce portions.

Delivery comes up as free for me, hope so for you too
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Go compare go compare..........
No it's not him lol
That's sick.
how vulgar
Can beleive Debenhams would sell this....
Myself loving the monty python humor think this is really funny , I actually wouldnt mind one for some childish amusement only problem being 1) having to explain to the kids the concept behind it and 2) having enough room in my case to pack it with the rest of my stuff as the wife kicks me out for making her and the kids ill
Yes I think we are on a losing battle when people think it's the bloke of the Go Compare adverts lol

One for us older members perhaps

Can beleive Debenhams would sell this....

I was with my 12yr old son in Debenhams he could'nt stop laughing at this game COCK A DOODLE PAD.oO and it has nothing to do with
He was laughing so much an assistant came over to see and was totally gob smacked that they sold was I
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Another wafer thin mint monsieur?
"Better.................better get a bucket." X)

I can imagine kids thinking this is really cool and some poor Mother finding them at dinner the next day dipping their chicken nuggets in their vomit X)
Knowing my luck I would overfill it and it would explode.
Does it come with sound???

Another wafer thin mint monsieur?

No F*** off I'm full!

i want one. it would be great for BBQs in the summer.

do you get a "Waffer thin mint" with this as well?
Made me smile, heat added.
Blimey, you know something's off colour if Loughborough Guy say's it's vulgar.

That's like hearing Dawn French call someone fat.

Go compare go compare..........

You mean "Go Compuuurrgghhhhhhh".
Thats brilliant, although now have to explain it to the gf who 24 and Canadian and has no idea why im laughing at some fat bloke that vomits
It does make me feel rather old and sceptical when the 'general public's' first response is to associate this with a gimmicky car insurance advert that will be forgotten next month. Ah, such is the popular culture we are in.

Now, get me the bucket.
It is only waffer thin.
Sooo Lovin it! Ta
"I'm stuffed, I couldn't eat another thing"
brilliant , i know just the person who would love this and now they are going to get it ( by christmas hopefully ) . heat added .
I bought one of this as my secret santa gift.. now gotta watch the face as he unwraps the pressie...
Look away if you have a queasy stomach:
It'll look really nice in your bedsit next to your Argos 1 ring cooker and the letter from your wife's solicitor saying you need to starting for your kids.
Bon Appetit.............
how vulgar
...and for any more Python fans out there, a Biggus Dickus Corkscrew!…tml?_%24ja=tsid:11518|cat:15552422|prd:15552422
Saw this in Debenhams the other day whilst looking for a secret Santa gift.

They had various other python gifts such as a dead parrot with sounds, black knight with seperate removable limbs fridge magnet, wafer thin mints plus 3 or 4 other bits.

the letter from your wife's solicitor saying you need to starting for … the letter from your wife's solicitor saying you need to starting for your kids.

I need to starting for my kids. What on Earth does that mean?!
I ordered this yesterday as an Xmas present for my brother. Was wondering whether it would turn up in time for Xmas, having had a poor experience of ordering from Debenhams in the past, but lo & behold it has actually turned up today in the snow. Very impressed with free delivery within 24 hours! Quidco has tracked too.
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