Mr Frosty - make your own slush puppies - great gadget toy - £12.95

Mr Frosty - make your own slush puppies - great gadget toy - £12.95

Found 20th Aug 2006
Who needs flash ice crushing contraptions when you've got Mr Frosty? Not us - or you - because this new and improved version of everyone's favourite comedy ice crusher does the job to perfection.

Yes, we realise crushing ice via a tubby plastic snowman isn't quite as swish as using one of those raucous fridge-mounted contraptions, but it's just as effective and a million times more amusing. Better still, Mr Frosty comes with a whole heap of accessories, including ice-lolly moulds, ice trays, sundae dishes and a juice dispenser called Percy Penguin. No, really!

Pummelling ice with Mr Frosty is a doddle. Simply bung your cubes (or fruit shapes if you're using the included trays) into Mr Frosty's head, replace his hat and start turning. The crushed ice is then delivered into Mr Frosty's tummy tray. You can add fruity flavouring to your ice using Percy Penguin. Just fill him with your favourite juice and get squirting.

To make Lushy Slushies simply squirt fruit juice into your water before you freeze it. You can even make fruit slushies by crushing frozen fruit pieces instead of ice. The possibilities are endless and the results are cooler than a polar bear's posterior.

Despite Mr Frosty's innocent expression he can also be used to create drinks with a bit more oomph; we made some rather potent frozen cocktails the other night and laced our lollies with a splash of something special in the early hours. Believe us, Mr Frosty's ice trays came in very handy the next day. Ooooh!

Whether you're partying hard or in need of some ultra-cool refreshment, Mr Frosty delivers on all fronts. In fact this is one seriously kitsch accessory that no kitchen should be without. So get ordering and, er, beat the crush.
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Sorry guys....ive gone into retro mode.

I just remember having so much fun with this as a kid....i just had to tell you that they were still in production. :-D
Hehe, I have one of these but I've never used it. :roll:
If you have kids then this will keep them happy for ages.... you always end up with very odd tasting slush though by the end of a slushing session....i remember experimenting with coffee, brown sauce and pilchards ! :-D
/ducky puts his machine back in the box...
go through quidco for 10% cashback
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