Mr Kipling Angel Slices 6pk - 65p @ Tesco

Mr Kipling Angel Slices 6pk - 65p @ Tesco

Found 3rd Aug 2010Made hot 4th Aug 2010
No offer attatched, seems to be normal price.

Was £1.30


All of the Mr Kipling "Slices" are down to 65p per pack - nationwide.

just when i bought them when they had gone down to a pound last week! grrr, coulda saved 35p per pack! lol. def be buying some more they are delicious

Hot.... They are £1.38 in Asda.

these are the best none home made cake!!


These are the best. Can sit and eat a whole packet in one go!!

got four packs of them :P im addicted to these and so is my girlfriend :]

waww thought they were french fancies

half price for a limited time only as they are normally £1.30
Although last week these were £1.09 so don't know where they got the £1.30 from, shops always raise the price before doing any sort of deal...Its a joke really and should be stamped out!
Also the lemon slices were on offer too at half price for a limited time!

Tesco have lots of cakes/biscuits reduced to about this price at the moment - including French Fancies shadowdogg

bakewell slices r too my fav
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