Mr Kipling Mince Pies 6 Pack BOGOF £1.50 @ Tesco from 15th

Mr Kipling Mince Pies 6 Pack BOGOF £1.50 @ Tesco from 15th

Found 14th Dec 2015
Mince Pies 6 Pack BOGOF £1.50 @ Tesco from tomorrow
Also Tesco Own Brand Mince Pies 2 for £1.50 or 89p

Claim 50p cash back via Shopitize-
Thanks to everyone who pointed this out

Price Comparison
Sainsbury's £1.00
Waitrose £1.50 2 for £2.50
Ocado £1.00
Lidl 99p
Asda ( not showing Mr Kipling Mince Pies online)
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great with shopitize
a personal favourite, thanks

great with shopitize

Yeah, this makes this a fantastic deal at £1 for 2 after the 50p cashback on shopitize. (Or 2 for 99p if you get you penny back from Checkoutsmart too).

Ooo... great offer with shopitize, shame I bought it the other day (double shame as it's on a receipt that didn't print properly so might not get anything)
If you only want 1 pack then Sainsburys would also give you 1 pack for 50p of course (after cashback).

I'm liking a lot of these Christmas deals, and anything that I think is good value, that I don't personally want for myself, I'm putting in the food bank bins at supermarkets. Hopefully someone who could do with a helping hand can benefit.

Hot great deal thanks for posting
We do a mince pie taste test every year at work, and for the last couple of years these have been bottom of the pile. Aldi, Lidl and Waitrose are the tops!
3 for £1.98 in 99p store
They forgot to give me the discount tested day so I went back for the £5 they owed me but they paid me back £10! They said it's because of their policy.
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