Mr Kipling Mince Pies REDUCED to 5p a box! TESCO INSTORE
Mr Kipling Mince Pies REDUCED to 5p a box!  TESCO INSTORE

Mr Kipling Mince Pies REDUCED to 5p a box! TESCO INSTORE

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Mr Kipling mince pies reduced to 5p a box in my local Tesco (Due to the fact they have Christmas branding on them

I got plenty that were dated 25th Jan 2010

I found this offer in store

Wont stay around for long at this price


prob store specific and I had enough of mince pies! Still good offer!

rediced mince?

Smoking deal!!! (shame i hate the things though )


diced pies :?

WHERE?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pretty please :o)


Not in my Large tesco, still 50ish a box, i was there an hour ago.

Is it minced pies or diced pie, there is a difference

re-diced....maybe :thinking:

Original Poster

Il try and dig the reciept out

Bargain if you can get them at your local for cheaps......


perhaps Op meant they had been frozen and then De-iced

50p @ mine

I still have a couple of boxes left over from crimble - we found them a bit dry

not up to their usual standards

This batch is only any use as bird feed. They are stale and were even if you bought them before christmas...so go ahead treat the birds :w00t:

60p in Westcliff

just ate 2 now, flipping lush.

Why not at least say which store in the header:? - these kind of posts are really pretty pointless. Good try though:thumbsup:

50p at mine too:w00t: - now there's a surprise:-D

50p in Norwich (Harford Bridges)


Store specific. 50p in ours - best before 11th Jan.

Same here in Orpington store today (05-01-10 @ 21:30)

Are these OK to pop in the freezer? and if so, any idea how long they are good for?

Original Poster

Ive been told the reciept has been thrown in the bin :roll:

Im tempted to try and fish it out, just to prove the point

Tesco's in Formby, Liverpool this was in....

50p here - 219 degrees for something that nobody's managed to find yet! Just like the 2 bottles of champagne (Moet, was it?) at the Co-op.

Why not save the voting until you've found the deal? ;-)

50p yesterday at my local.

Can imagine they would reduce them heavily if they're going out of date soon and with the weather being as it is maybe not as many people are going in store.

Now who actually likes mince pies?

3p at Tesco in Exmouth :P
That was yesterday with a use by date of today. The ones with useby dat of 7th were 10p
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