Mr Men & Little Miss Large Books (not the Small 'Classic' ones) -£1 at Poundland

Mr Men & Little Miss Large Books (not the Small 'Classic' ones) -£1 at Poundland

Found 12th Dec 2012
Lots of books from the range £5:99 retail according to the back.

These were the ones I picked up in Birmingham 'Ramp' Pallisades

Mr. Tickle in a Tangle
Mr. Happy Finds a Hobby
Mr. Silly Gets the Giggles
Mr. Bump Loses his Memory
Mr. Funny Upsets Mr. Fussy
Mr. Strong and the Flood
Mr. Nosey and the Big Surprise
Mr. Messy Messing About in the Snow
Mr. Small a Big Day Out

Sorry, I didn't check which 'Little Miss' ones - was buying for my boy!

Edit - thanks to DEBULL77 for spotting these
Little Miss Bossy and the Magic Word
Little Miss Naughty Worries Mr. Worry
Little Miss Neat and the Last Leaf
Little Miss Splendid and the House With a View
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fantastic value!
Brilliant, my 2 year old nephew absolutely loves Mr Men books. That's his Christmas present sorted for a few quid
found some cheaper

found some cheaper

Feel free to share.
cool, we can use our £2.00 off voucher on these, thx op
they had these for 99p in my local works and on line they are 6 for£5 plus 12% discount today :-)…r-5
Heat added although I went for the little miss books for my grandaughter.I found just 4 titles..Little Miss Bossy, Little Miss Naughty
Little Miss Neat and little Miss Splendid..
also for anyone who is interested they had some fireman sam books 4 different titles "deep trouble, fields of fire, river rescue and red alert"
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