Mr men mugs £2 at Hawkins Bazaar

Mr men mugs £2 at Hawkins Bazaar

Found 21st Dec 2011
Mr Bump, Mr Tickle and Miss Giggle mugs all available.

Postage £3.50

Quidco: 10%

** Have just edited delivery cost - apologies for error before and thanks for pointing it out.
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Great find...shame that Mr Grumpy is not included ...voted HOT
These are same price in asda too! If u don't wanna pay postage!
Shame it is only Mr Grumpy, Tickle and Bump. Would have been nice to buy a set of 6 mugs.
There is a Miss Giggles...and the Asda ones are not as good quality or the same style
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As Mateus has said there is a Mrs Giggles and the quality is better than ASDA, I have ordered 1x Mr Bump Mug, 1x Little Miss Giggles Mug and 1x Mr Tickle Mug. Just need to keep an eye out for 3 other characters.

Nice find.
wow, this is a great deal, should get hot!
Cheers Ill have a look in their shop try and save the postage
Postage is £3.50, not £2.95?
Wheres Wally mug is £6 but pretty cool
Your text here

Cheers OP
I was looking for Snow White, but all I found were 7 mugs !!
Love the where's wally mug. Thanks
nice deal!
What about Mr messy he was the coolest
saw these in asda, £3 each in the christmas aisle....... no delivery obviously so might be better for some
oh and one of them was mr messy im pretty certain

Wheres Wally mug is £6 but pretty cool Your text hereCheers OP

£6 + postage. Where's Wally mug is £5.40 delivered at Debenhams with the code DB2U. You're welcome.
Just to say, that I bought the Mr Messy mug in Debenhams - and it does come boxed, so I'm fairly sure these will too. I also ordered one each of these, but I want the whole set!
Oooh thanks for that coldDealLarry
So is this actually £5.50 then?
Brilliant - luv 'em! 3 x Bump and 3 x Tickle for me!
Cheers ordered for the nieces and nephews.
look to be decent sized mugs
Cute! Ordered 3 for small gifts over the year - thank you
Nice size cup with Mr tickle design.
No Mr Tall? :-(
Are these the same price in-store?
classic!!! just when i thought id lucked out on ideas for Crimbo prezzies heat added thanks,
Not this price in-store, checked yesterday.

Love the where's wally mug. Thanks

i bought both wheres wally mugs last year for £2.99 each

These are same price in asda too! If u don't wanna pay postage!

yup, i saw them there couple days ago too, nice mugs although limited range
Still £8 in my local HB.
£5.50 for a mug, really???
No mr tickle left, but got a Mr bump along with a couple of other sale items. Delivery not so bad when spread over a few items. It say 'pre-Christmas delivery' here's hoping they arrive for the big day!

Thanks OP
Still £8 each in the Metro Centre Gateshead shop..:(
I bought the Mr. Lazy mug from Debenhams online last week for a xmas present and it was £4.08 delivered (free P&P, and 5% discount code). Seems to have gone up to £6 now though, but still cheaper than £8 in HB!…ugs
Received today - speedy!
Came via courier at 4pm so they were good to their pre-Christmas delivery promise
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First time I've used these and have to say I'm very impressed with them. Will definitely buy from them again.
These are tiny 8.5cm... they are cups, not mugs!
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