Mr Potato Head half price @ Argos with free CNC

Mr Potato Head half price @ Argos with free CNC

Found 28th Aug 2016Made hot 28th Aug 2016
Love this classic and am buying it for my sons bday. Was pleased to find it at this price!


Thanks op!

nice find op, heat

wish my kids were still that age,no excuse for buying kids toys lego etc.Heat added as above just a good spud having a bit of armless fun.

Saw this in Argos in Coleraine on Saturday at this price. It was also part of the 2 for £15 range???

Great deal

Thanks, great price for the wee man.

Cheers OP! A good wee pressie for the wee one.

Is the Mrs potato head available?

the reserve code actually related to Mrs in my local shop. Not sure how you'd get one for definite though

Thank you. Ordered

I ordered this and they sent me the mrs potato head instead! It definitly says mr on the receipt.
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