MR16 LED light  £1.00 @ Poundworld

MR16 LED light £1.00 @ Poundworld

Found 31st Jul 2015
MR 16 , LED light with 12 LEDs at Poundworld. Good price for this type.
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absolutely woeful light output on these do not buy! better with a candle
I bought one of these last week to try and was really disappointed. Just a quick flicker of brightness then went very dull....just as well it was only a pound....
What......0.72 w. don't waste your money.
I thought the 1watt ones I got from pound land were poor....I reckon the room would get darker when you turned these on.....:D
Any bulb I've purchased from here never last more than a fortnight, get what u pay for.
I recommend spending money on a decent bulb....Phillips class A or similar....Work out what lumens you prefer (brightness is no longer connected to wattage)....Then work out the kelvins (hue).....It takes a bit of experimentation but when you find the ones that are right for your house / room then you will have not need to change them for 10 years and they should be guaranteed for 5 years at least. The return on investment on even top quality bulb in normally 18 months... It's worth doing financially and your reducing carbons too.... I worry about people buying these cheap bulbs and not thinking that LEDs are any good because these produce horrible light and break in a year...spend £10 and be happy! I love a deal but don't think these are worth it.... Sorry rizanjum just my opinion .... Thanks for the heads up!
Sorry but these are rubbish.

Got some of the GU10 ones from there - the light output is worse than a children's nightlight and the failure rate quite high. Either total fails or individual LED elements.
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