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Aircon Recharge and Clean inc Leak testing dye £32.95 @ Mr Clutch
Found 22nd Apr 2016Found 22nd Apr 2016
Aircon Recharge and Clean inc Leak testing dye £32.95 @ Mr Clutch
Got a code through in email for Aircon Recharge and clean. Normal price is £64.95, use the code FRESH16 to get it for just £32.95. I had mine done today as it had given up the ghos… Read more

Just had mine done Norwich, apparently it's 4 degrees now, smells great too


I can't comment on any branches other than the Milton Keynes one, but they've always been honest with me and never tried to sell me anything.


They will likely do a 'free health check' and try to sell you brakes, exhausts, tyres and shocks mind....


I couldn't say but it's a cheapish way to get a full system test to find out


Does anyone know if they only charge if they can get it working?

MOT tests from £23 @ Mr Clutch
Found 25th Aug 2013Found 25th Aug 2013
MOT tests from £23 @ Mr Clutch
Was looking at MOT prices and came across Mr Clutch. They are offering cheap MOTs via a printable voucher at several garages nationwide. Each garage has a different price but they … Read more

Out of interest, what happens when you bring your car to the mainland? I'm thinking it doesn't make any difference due to where it is registered normally.


Mr Clutch did a clutch for me, had to take car back as battery was not tied down, speedo disconnected, and more loose bolts on gearbox then you could imagine, and they were supposed to have performed a test drive!?! Trust them with an MOT, I THINK NOT, the MOT is there to assure that the car is safe to drive not just a peice of paper to satisfy the tax/insurance/police


because in order to tax it you need an MOT..... There is no such thing as a good MOT or a bad MOT. it is a legal document that means your car was roadworthy on a particular day at a particular time that's all. You could go home straight after MOT and change all tyres to bald ones, disconnect horn and out a loud exhaust on, it would still have an MOT. therefore cheapest MOT is best.


I only have good news for these. My sister took her car for mot first time. So she recommended me to go. I took my car when I had a problem, the wheel seemed to be catching and squeeking real Loud. Apparently the front drivers side break pads Had seized up. They sorted it and didn't even charge me a penny. At least expected a small fee. Will defo be taking my car for mot to them this Dec. (Nottingham castle marina)


How do you go about taxing it? Or do you not bother with that either?

MOT for £26 at Mr Clutch
Found 13th Sep 2011Found 13th Sep 2011
MOT for £26 at Mr Clutch
Seeing the Halfords MOT offer get severly frozen earlier, I thought I would have a go :) It differs from store to store, but the Swindon Mr Clutch are currently charging £26 for a … Read more

The Good Garage Scheme in itself is a bit of a rip off. It is run by Forte and garages get to use the signs etc if they use their additives. That's not to say garages who are part of the scheme are bad, just that the scheme is.


I have had no faults with them


Judging by all the comments about dodgy clutch work, maybe 'Mr Clutch' is pronounced 'missed a clutch' for a reason?


Quick tip for M.O.T's. Check your local councils website as many have transport sections which public transport vehicles such as taxi's etc have to use for their M.O.T's. These are often open to the public to use. You won't get a "half price" M.O.T but nor will your car fail on anything that it did not deserve to - they will not do any repairs themselves and don't have a vested interest in finding/exaggerating or dare I say it.. creating failures. If your car does fail then shop around for the best price for the repairs.. generally the M.O.T retest is free within 10 working days p.s never used Mr Clutch, can't comment on them personally!


I'd never take my car to any of these places they're simply rip off merchants. I always take mine to my local garage which is in the 'good garage scheme'. They do an excellent job for a reasonable fee never had a problem with any work they've done or the price charged! I will always go back to them. Mr Clutch, National Tyres & Kwik Fit are all robbing bassas!

MoT only £20 at Mr Clutch Derby - Branches Nationwide
Found 20th Jul 2009Found 20th Jul 2009
MoT only £20 at Mr Clutch Derby - Branches Nationwide
The Mot is due on my car next month & Ive just received a reminder from the garage I took it to last year along with an offer to do it again for only £16 . Great deal! The rea… Read more
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I just had to share with you all... I have done NOTHING to my car in the last 12 months apart from put petrol in it.... I took it for it's MoT today (22nd) & it passed! :-D :-D £16 for another years motoring, SOOOO Happy... I think I'll treat it to an oil change now :-D


I was nearly well ripped off at the branch in Crawley. Dopey git failed it on a large mark in zone A of the windscreen . Lucky for me the bloke replacing the screen ( Nearly £300) was delayed and I took the chance to nip out and get a tyre put on, I was moaning to the tyre fitter about the screen and he had their MOT bloke have a look and he found the mark to be at least an inch outside zone A. I nipped back to the MOT place and the manager just made a joke of it. What a vagiina


Signed by Joseph Yussuf? Isn't he that chap who was formerly known as Cat Stevens?


Cant believe it my dad said exactly yhe same thing yesterday :w00t:


I can absolutely vouch for the fairness of the MOT at the Derby branch, I have just MOT'd both my cars in the last 6 weeks at the Pentagon branch, both passed, one with an advisory about a windscreen chip and the other clear, yet I took the car a year previously to a main dealer Vauxhall garage and had four "advisory" remark all of which I didnt feel needed doing and left, yet these were not bought up by Mr Clutch, so I would certainly recommend this branch and with the £16 voucher it is crazy not to give it a try