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Nike Air Max Curry's 2018 ( Limited Stock ) £91 @ Mr Porter
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
I just saw the JD Nike post, and it seems there's a lot of Nike lovers like me, but maybe only know of mainstream models. These AM1's came out May 10th 2018, for £130. You couldn… Read more

You're 100% right, the hype on these was crazy, and hundreds if not thousands of us got caught with our pants down. I still have a second pair which has been on eBay for over half a year lol. You are wrong about the raffle though as it was done at all online sites that morning as I was entering dozens of raffles from Nike to Size? And everywhere in-between. I still think they're a lovely pair of trainers though, I get compliments every time I go into the city.


There were raffles yes, but only at end and sns. These did not sell out anywhere, they've been sat on shelves at offspring all year. These are not an investment. If you like the shoe and the colourway, then yes go for it, it's a classic shoe and the colourway has history. But these are not in any way shape or form rare or hard to find. I do not expect to see these reselling for above retail within 5 years.


Nice trainers.. even at rrp a decent deal to be fair (y)


I can understand why these ended up so cold. They're an acquired taste, the history of these isn't appreciated and they're not cheap even in a sale. For those that did like them though, or like the idea of owning limited edition trainers that aren't from the high street check out thedropdate.


I bought a pair on release date, you can Google the release date price. If that's not enough, here's one of my invoices from May 10th 2018.

Mr Porter Sale - up to 50% off (£5 Express Delivery)
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
Up to 50% Off Free Delivery on orders above £200 Quidco 3%
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They will add extra discounts up to 70% in a few weeks too. My tip is to pick in-between sizes (31,33, etc.) for trousers/jeans/etc. as they tend to have some left in stock. Got some really nice Cone Mills Selvedge denim jeans from Raleigh Denim in size 31 a year ago for less than a price of Levis!


Thanks for the heads up. Heat

POC Receptor BUG Ski Helmet £33 @ Mr Porter
Found 23rd Oct 2018Found 23rd Oct 2018
Only a few left of these Ski Helmets in XS/S sizes. They also have the same helmet in orange too.

Ordered :)


Looking for a similar style plain black bmx style helmet for use on my electric scooter. Anyone seen anything similar? Wants to look solid be black maybe a small cap tip at front. Am medium sized 56cm seems about right. So can't take this xs


Great price.

Bell & Ross - One-Of-A-Kind BR-X1 45mm Sapphire Crystal Watch - £355,000 @ MrPorter
Found 14th May 2018Found 14th May 2018
Bell & Ross - One-Of-A-Kind BR-X1 45mm Sapphire Crystal Watch - £355,000 @ MrPorter
Exclusive.. be quick.

I reckon you are rebadging this unit as it all looks the same to me. Kind of a big markup from 180 bucks to... Actually looks quite nice, not so?


Lol! Sitting on the toilet loling. (y)


Were you aiming for the hottest or coldest deal ever? Heeheehee


I believe the word you are looking for is "Fuggly", it being the worst of all possiblt uglies. Ugly = ugly Buggly = bloody ugly Fuggly = [censored] ugly


True enough. Would rather it went to neither of them (y)

CONVERSE 1970s Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas High-Top Sneakers £35 at Mr Porter (£5 delivery)
Found 26th Dec 2017Found 26th Dec 2017
CONVERSE 1970s Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas High-Top Sneakers £35 at Mr Porter (£5 delivery)
£40£4613%MrPorter Deals
CONVERSE 1970s Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas High-Top Sneakers Most sizes still in stock
Mr Porter Sale - Up to 50% off
Found 26th Dec 2017Found 26th Dec 2017
Mr Porter Sale - Up to 50% off
Mr Porter Sale - Up to 50% off
Upto 70% off MR PORTER
Found 13th Jul 2017Found 13th Jul 2017
Upto 70% off MR PORTER
Quite a decent variety of discounts - Alexander McQueen/ Prada/ Givenchy/ RL/ blablabla

DUNHILL Leather Pen Pot Was £2,400 Now £720 70% off Bargain!


well I could pay my gas and electric for a year or maybe ........


DOLCE & GABBANABlack Slim-Fit Faille-Trimmed Silk And Virgin Wool-Blend Three-Piece TuxedoWas £2,400 Now £720 70% off

MR Porter £50 back on £200 spend with AMEX
LocalLocalFound 22nd Apr 2017Found 22nd Apr 2017
Maybe account specific but I'm getting £50 back on a £200 spend at Mr Porter. They stock brands like Aesop which rarely gets reduced too :)

that is a super crazy price....if their price range is in thousands, £50 back does not make a great deal of difference.....looking at their prices those who can afford one don't need to be a member of HUKD


Yeasht.... oO


there prices are crazy even with £50 off

Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas High Top Sneakers £19.20 @ mrporter
Found 21st Jan 2016Found 21st Jan 2016
Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas High Top Sneakers £19.20 @ mrporter
Only UK sizes 11 and 12 remaining. BE QUICK! Excludes £5 p&p
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Maybe add p&p to title.

Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Striped Shoes £22 @ mrporter
Found 11th Jan 2016Found 11th Jan 2016
Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Striped Shoes £22 @ mrporter
Found on Mr Porter. Great saving from £55 RRP. Not my taste personally but sure some will like them.

£5 postage unfortunately, but still hot at this price. Thanks op.

Mulberry Antony Messenger Bag large version (was £595) 30% OFF now £416.50 @ MrPorter
Found 1st Jan 2016Found 1st Jan 2016
A functional and stylish, unisex bag, fashioned in a larger size of the classic satchel shape Anthony, featuring an adjustable canvas strap that can be worn across the body or over… Read more
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out of stock!


Your be crazy not to bag this deal.


Clearly life experience is dictating your response. No credit card fuelled luxuries here my friend, just honest hard graft!


The thing about mediocrity - and I mean that in the sincerest way, is that they think owning handbags (and this is quite "cheap" if you really won't to talk high end items), few pairs of shoes and walking around looking tacky makes them "appear non pauperish". Throw in a MacBook and a Starbucks latte and you're all under the impression you live in ivory towers eh? The way you go on criticising people who disagree with this being a terrible, awful deal by wealth shaming them and assuming they're indeed not the ivory tower dwellers just shows how clueless you are. Money doesn't have to be spoken about or displayed. Anyone who has a bit of it doesn't really care about trying to display it. It's credit card, debt thousandaires like perhaps yourself who do feel like they need to make a statement about this sort of thing. If my missus was inclined to get this bag she could but if she asks me I would still let her know what I think, otherwise I wouldn't care. What I would care about though is being with someone who had such low opinion of her friends as to thik they're "paupers". What a disgusting opinion to have and what a sad creature to have such an opinion eh? I hate to school you on class and taste but here's a little perspective; this bag doesn't scream class at all, in fact the only statement it makes is probably "white trash trying to prove something desperately". Hope you slept well and enjoy the caviar cereal I bet you're not having. ;)


Crikey, there are some money haters on here aren't there? So what if someone can afford the finer things (by the very virtue they are better, therefore more expensive due to the better materials, service, construction and usually marketing oh and a tad of exclusivity). Instead of moaning about folk in ivory towers, ask your Mrs if she would like one so her pauper friends can envy her, if she says no she is lying. The deal is hot, its a good deal for a quality product - GOODNIGHT!

Mr Porter Sale  has started
Found 28th Dec 2014Found 28th Dec 2014
Mr Porter Sale has started
Mr Porter sale has started ! For someone interested in luxury brands with discounts up to 50%.

Sale is now up to 70%, some decent bargains there now


Comment what?? i Literally purchased something before posting this and i had a free delivery. thats weird.


I contacted them and they confirmed that they are not offering free shipping during the sale period


its made with REAL alligator. That's why they're usually £500 odd. the poor blighters.


Not for me, when I get to the final page (where I enter my payment details) the cheapest delivery option is still express which is £5. There must be some sort of minimum spend requirement

50% off designer gear at Mr Porter
Found 30th Dec 2013Found 30th Dec 2013
50% off designer gear at Mr Porter
Designer gear from £30 to hundreds of pounds. Already loads of sizes have sold out so move fast. Loads of lovely stuff but it sure as heck ain't cheap!

I don't think we're the core market for Mr Porter here at HDUK.


Must be some decimal points missing on some of those prices!


Might be designer but some of it looks like vastly over-priced tat!

Levi's Vintage 1930s Menlo Distressed Leather Jacket (Worn by Daniel Craig on Skyfall) - £317.50 Delivered @ Mr Porter
Found 29th Dec 2013Found 29th Dec 2013
Levi's Vintage 1930s Menlo Distressed Leather Jacket (Worn by Daniel Craig on Skyfall) - £317.50 Delivered @ Mr Porter
Something slightly different! This was £630 delivered and Mr Porter currently have it on offer, at time of posting in all sizes, with 50% off at £317.50. Alright, it's very expensi… Read more
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Looks cool to me, HEAT! Thanks OP, at least you know one person appreciated it.


RIP OFF. Even if I won the lotto I wouldn't buy this pile of crap. The one craigy wore was tailor maid for a perfect fit. This one will be the bog standard generic sizes.


Bring back Roger Moore, all is forgiven ;)


Ahhhh.....Not the Minted but Skinted version ;)


brand name leather jacket, 300 quid is good, tried on a timberland casual jacket recently, then discovered it was 800 quid.

Mr Porter Up to 70% Off
Found 10th Jan 2013Found 10th Jan 2013
Mr Porter Up to 70% Off
Been waiting with some stuff in bag for over a week.. it paid off, Got some trousers reduced from 150 to £45! Even cheapos like me can get some posh gear once in a while :)
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I just checked the site and it's for designer clothes/shoes/accessories, for example I found scarves reduced to £94.84.I can't afford those prices even on sale but if someone can then it's good.


I guess that its a deal, but I had a quick look and randomly found slippers reduced from £350 to £175.

Mr porter sale has started!
Found 31st Dec 2012Found 31st Dec 2012
Mr porter sale has started!
Not everyone's cup of tea but some nice bargains to be had on top fashion designer brands

Have something in bag which I'm hoping will hit 80% off.. or even free delivery would do to pull the trigger. Some of the really good stuff went instantly. The full priced Edwins the gf got me for Xmas weren't up when I first check their sale. Virtually everything else I like is gone in my size. Heat. Great sale though for designer gear! This shouldn't be cold, but some people can't appreciate anything that isn't half-priced chocolate (_;)


Agreed. This one is like a feeding frenzy when it opens.


Too late unless you're of the larger persuasion. The majority of my basket yesterday morning went out of stock before I could even check out.


Think you're too late now, the good stuff have already been purchased yesterday morning.


It started yesterday at 7am so most of the good stuff are gone. Also if you want some real bargain you should be looking back in a week or two as they do up to 80%.

Bill Amberg Blackberry PlayBook Case was £215 now £48 inc Delivery @ Mr Porter
Found 27th Jul 2012Found 27th Jul 2012
Bill Amberg Blackberry PlayBook Case was £215 now £48 inc Delivery @ Mr Porter
Really Good Quality, Designer, Soft Leather Case, 80% off.

Very pretty - if anyone has a £50 off voucher I will buy this......

ourdevonfamily Don't forget somewhere to put your A4 documents too... oO


Lol, like putting a gold crown on a terd.


HA,HA = cold


£48 for a case? thats crazy, the playbook is only worth £129

Mens Designer Clothes, shoes and accessories upto 80% discount at Mr Porter
Found 9th Jul 2012Found 9th Jul 2012
Mens Designer Clothes, shoes and accessories upto 80% discount at Mr Porter
Very high quality clothing upto 70% off. Designers: A-B ACNE ALEXANDER MCQUEEN ALEXANDER OLCH AMI ANDERSON'S A.P.C. ARC'TERYX VEILANCE ASPESI … Read more

Now upto 80% discount


Shame about the sale stock being in extreme sizes and low qtys.


Great store - only £5 DHL delivery for anything and free returns - courier pick up. There also one of the few to actually measure the clothes so you can be sure they will fit.


worthy to check, thx


I love Mr P sales, just spent close to £200. All holiday clothing of course.

Brooks Brothers Red Slim Fit Pique Polo from Mr Porter Now £32.50 (50% off)
Found 27th Dec 2011Found 27th Dec 2011
Brooks Brothers Red Slim Fit Pique Polo from Mr Porter Now £32.50 (50% off)
Bargain Brooks Brothers polo, unfortunately medium has now sold out but still S, L & XL available.
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Hynes Cotton Rugby Shirt Now £30 MR PORTER
Found 27th Dec 2011Found 27th Dec 2011
Hynes Cotton Rugby Shirt Now £30 MR PORTER
A good sale on their website, I normally buy a lot of Brooks Brothers from them but noticed this rugby shirt by Aubin & Wills and though it was a steal at just £30, I've bought… Read more
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