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Posted 1 December 2022

M&S 12 Days of Sparks: Freebies + Daily Offers for Sparks members e.g. Free lantern, choc coins, apples + More @ Marks & Spencer

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Day 12 Reward can be unlocked until end of Tuesday 13th December for all users.
Golden Reward for unlocking all 12 rewards available from Tuesday 13th December.

Available both online and on the app. Rewards unlocked each day will vary for each member.

Offer link: marksandspencer.com/c/sparks/12daysofsparks

Terms: marksandspencer.com/c/help/legal-and-ethical-policies/sparks-benefits-terms-and-conditions

List of known rewards (if any are missing, please comment):
  • Free M&S tea light up lantern (see picture in gallery)
  • Free 75ml Fragrance Society Hand cream (see picture in gallery)
  • Free M&S Spiced Sugar Plum Light Up Snow Globe Gin Liqueur 70cl (hotukdeals.com/deals/ms-check-your-sparks-app-4041144)
  • Free Christmas Prosecco
  • Free pack of M&S Collection Florentines
  • Free Percy Plush Bauble
  • Free Percy Pigs
  • Free pack of M&S mince pies
  • Free shortbread
  • Free Stocking String Lights
  • Free bag of M&S chocolate gold coins
  • Free chocolate footballs
  • Free 6 apples

From Christmas prosecco to candy canes, we’re giving away thousands of treats

Remember to visit each day to unlock personalised exclusive offers across food, clothing, homeware and beauty


The Christmas countdown is on! Come back every day to unlock a new reward. You have 48 hours to unlock each surprise, so don’t miss out. Unlock all 12 days and you’ll receive an extra golden reward from Sparks

01 Visit Sparks daily - Every day from 1-12 December visit your Sparks account on the M&S app or on our website
02 Unlock your reward - Your daily festive reward will be waiting for you to unlock
03 Automatically added - Simply tap the door to unlock and your reward will automatically be added to your Sparks account
04 Return every day - Return for a new festive reward every day until 12 December... and enjoy shopping with Sparks

SELECTED HIGHLIGHTS FROM LAST YEAR (hotukdeals.com/deals/ms-12-day-digital-advent-calendar-3841303)

Hot drink, Percy Pig cushion, hand gel, pack of Christmas spiced tea bags

£5 off:
Magic and Sparkle chocolate box, 70cl Sugar Plum Snow Globe gin liqueur, £20 Light-up Chocolate box

£2 off:
M&S Ho Ho Omballs

30/25/20/15% off:
Stilton, mincemeat, mince pies, shortbread, Belgian biscuits, chocolate selection boxes, cocktail cans, snow globe liqueur, cards & wraps, homeware, clothing, pyjamas, knitwear, women’s footwear and bags
Marks & Spencer More details at Marks & Spencer

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  1. Avatar
    How do you collect there's no barcode to scan?
    Scan the item at the till then You scan your sparks card at the till. Then it will deduct the price of the item (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Can you save them up say until day 6 and then go in store and redeem 6 at a time? So only 2 trips to M&S instead of 12?
    You could wait 11 days and collect them all, obviously if they are in stock 
  3. Avatar
    We've been and collected our tea Lanterns and chocolate coins 🍫
    self checkout, scan the item, click finish and pay, then click sparks card, scan your sparks card and it's reduced (free). Easy peasy xx
    Separate transactions right?
  4. Avatar
    Free gin!
    Me too!
  5. Avatar
    48891297-WMV5G.jpgI got these
    These are soooo good
  6. Avatar
    Free tea light which includes tea! Be careful as there are some shortbread ones which are not in this offer.

    48906485_1.jpg (edited)
  7. Avatar
    Day 4 - anyone got anything other than 20% off decorations?

    Picked up my tea lantern and it worked with the 3 for 2 shortbread one - so got 3 for £6. (edited)
  8. Avatar
    Thanks for posting OP. I got a lantern! Does anyone know whether it's possible for someone else to collect the free gift on your behalf? I don't live near a M&S store. Thanks!
    Take a screenshot of your Sparks card with barcode and send it to someone. They can collect it for you
  9. Avatar
    If anyone got chocolate coins you can also use for percy pig sweets or chocolate sprouts if no coins available
  10. Avatar
    6 apples for me 🍎 
    Will keep a doctor away!
  11. Avatar
    So if you have several rewards from this can you claim them all in one go?
    I tried to get both the advent Percy pigs and another free pack that was in my account. The till took off one pack price left the other but both offers were redeemed in my account. So depending what you have you might need to do each item separately.
  12. Avatar
    I have nothing...? ''You don't have any offers at the moment'' ?
    It’s not under offers there’s a special advent 12 days on the first page when you open the app. If it’s not there try updating the app
  13. Avatar
    I got a bag of percy pigs.......
    Question , now its loaded to my account, can I give my mum my sparks card to scan in store - will it be loaded to that?
    I dont have the app (just doing it on my laptop) and mum doesnt have a phone............
    Thanks in advance
    If you have linked your physical Spark card to your online account then you can do this
  14. Avatar
    Free Robin tree dec
    Worth noting my sister has an M&S credit card. She got the free Percy tree dec and today free Gin.
    Maybe you get the best prizes if you have one?
    My fella has the m&d credit card and got chocolate football minis and 15% off cordial
  15. Avatar
    It does seem to be frequent M&S shoppers get better rewards. Well, for us anyway. I've had % discount off everything in the shop but nothing free. My mum shops there a little and has had a free lantern and chocolates.
    Which is fair I suppose
    I found that when I scan my Sparks card less (only when using offers) I actually get more free stuff

    They keep giving me free bread and percy pigs for some reason (edited)
  16. Avatar
    Email received 13:41.

    My reward: Kids Pass.

    I love my children dearly, but bloody hell why do they get all the nice stuff Why couldn't the reward be for a spa day or f it just lots of bottles of wine?!?
    Pretty sure you can use it just on adult tickets
  17. Avatar
    Percy pigs for me!
    Me too
  18. Avatar
    I have got a hand cream thanks
    Me too!
  19. Avatar
    Chocolate footballs for me
  20. Avatar
    This for me
    Me too
  21. Avatar
    Not a clue what tonies is but I got that too. Well and truly rubbish. The first day was to get everyone excited now it’s just rubbish lol
  22. Avatar
    Mince Pies for me
    48891303-TXi6U.jpg (edited)
    Me too
  23. Avatar
    I got 20% off Nobody's Child clothing

    I wonder what the golden reward is tomorrow
    An invoice for the day 1 freebie
  24. Avatar
    Just checked mine , I got a Percy Plush Bauble
    Me too!!
  25. Avatar
    Percy Plush Baubles ran out quickly from my local M&S, staff said they were unlikely to get more stock, so I ordered one (along with something else) on click and collect. Got a refund when collected, and bought it back with the Sparks.
  26. Avatar
    I got my free tea lantern, £1 off shortbread lantern and got another tea one - combined with the 3 for 2 off - got all 3 for £5
    I got 2 shortbread and a tea so spent £6
  27. Avatar
    Thanks! I got chocolate coins (edited)
    You deserve it, enjoy
  28. Avatar
    Free Pack of Chocolate Gold Coins on Day 1

    (11 days to collect them)

    (just created the account) (edited)
    Where do you create an account?
    Is this a loyality account or a store/credit account
  29. Avatar
    Can you save the rewards up for a few days and collect multiple rewards? My nearest M&S is about 20 miles from me 
    Yep, the only issue there might be if they still have stock
  30. Avatar
    Popped in just now and got the chocolate coins and a £3 box of mince pies (just said "mince pies" on the offer, so went for the most expensive ones).
    Couldn't find the hand cream, but will try a bigger store in Manchester tomorrow.
    I assume you have more than one account - did you have to buy other items to ....ie to get the offer to work?
  31. Avatar
    Any idea what agora in London have the hand cream? Went to the 3 at Kings Cross, Battersea Power Station and Clapham Junction but no joy
    Did you ask the sales assistants? I went in for a free xmas tree decoration (4 days later as well), couldn't see any on the shelves then found out they kept the last a few by the till! 48928462-DJfvs.jpg
  32. Avatar
    Got this bird yesterday the 4th, didn't have much hope as it was the 1st days free gift.

    Couldn't see any on the shelves then found out they KEPT THE LAST A FEW BY THE TILL!

  33. Avatar
    20% off nightwear which is actually pretty useful for me, especially when stacked with the already 20% off selected nightwear.

    Fingers crossed for some gin tomorrow ;-) (edited)
    Ohh I didn’t know you could stack 🙈
  34. Avatar
    Just got an email about Golden reward

    49031811-dKoVc.jpg (edited)
    I got the same email

    Something I'll never use
  35. Avatar
    I didn't get nothing y'all
    If you didn't get nothing you must have got something...sorry
  36. Avatar
    I got this too, which lantern is this? I don't see it in their store
  37. Avatar
    Went to Staines M&S to pick up my free Gin. Plenty of stock there, so don't hurry folks. I can't see them running out
    Never know. Depends on how many people get the offer and take it up.
    2500 heat already, so that's potential 2500 people by lunchtime who are going to be getting freebies, and that's not including lurkers, those who can't do anything as they're working, and people no on these forums.

    Did see a couple of people with glittery bottles of gin in their baskets today. No idea if members here, they'd got the offer, or they were just buying it.

    Hopefully they're smart enough to limit the offer to x number of people and give away say 1 bottle per store / location rather than 1000s
  38. Avatar
    Apparently we will win one of everything each day until the end. So we all get the same items but different days.
    Not true, there's only 12 days and more than 12 different freebies listed by people here. Plus some days will be Sparks discounts or competition entries instead of a freebie. (edited)
  39. Avatar
    Chocolate coins for my wife
    Just looked at mine again and it gives alternatives if they are out of stock which is good. Don't think it was there originally.
  40. Avatar
    People are getting actual products for free? Maybe cos its ireland but all I get is money off offers!
    On day 1 everyone got a freebie but since then it has been discount codes. Although I see someone in Ireland got a freebie today :

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