M&S Andante Crockery Collection 3for2 + 50p Plain Mugs FreeDel on £30+ order

M&S Andante Crockery Collection 3for2 + 50p Plain Mugs FreeDel on £30+ order

Found 6th May 2008
50p Plain 10cm High Mugs in Cream, Blue, Brown or Red
M&S Andante Porceilen Collection for 3for2 starting at £2.00

OK not an uber bargain but not bad and free delivery is only on £30+ delveries just search for Andante or Mug, links and pics below

Don't forget Quidco!
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I saw this guy once buying mugs 3 for 2 in M&S,they had the stickers on them,he was in front of me in the que.However he only picked up 8 of them?

Mind you I've seen the ppl in the supermarkets pick up a bogof offer,and then put 1 of them back,Why ?
They are crazy people, avoid them at all costs
Only just realised Amazon run M&S's online site, suspect £30+ order Free Delivery is virtually permanent.
I bought these a few months ago when they were on a similar offer. They are very good quality and look great. I heartedly recommend them. :-)
Forgot I made a screenie of my order:


So £22 for 12 plain mugs, 9 Andante mugs and 3 Jumbo Andante Mugs working out @ 50p/each for the plain ones and £1.33/each for the Andante ones using the 3 for 2 offer...
Delivery came this morning.

3 Andante Collection Mugs broken, One Plain One broken.

Send angry email with pic to M&S soon after.

Decided that was too passive, so took 3 Andante broken mugs into local store.

Local store refunds me all 3 broken mugs and the plain one I forgot to take in £6.50 making total paid £15.50

They replace the plain mug with another plain mug and the Andante Collection £2/each 3for2 with Andante Square ones £3/each 3for instead as a goodwill gesture.

Result: £15.50 paid and got 3 mugs upgraded to square for my hassle of visiting the store.
Did have to explain to her how M&S use Amazon for their delivery service and the awful HUKD couriers and said she'd complain to Head Office about this etc.

Good Customer Service is priceless...
I M looking for Andante mugs in cream to replace broken items I don't seem to be able to get them in the shops
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