M&S Coffee Maker with integrated Grinder and Digital Timer Now: £24.75!

M&S Coffee Maker with integrated Grinder and Digital Timer Now: £24.75!

Found 28th Nov 2011
Just seen what looks like a bit of a bargain. Reviews are reasonable too.

M&S brand Coffee machine (Jug type) with inbuilt grinder and timer -suggests bean to cup automation but I can't say for sure (would welcome clarification).
2 year M&S warranty too!

Price is for collect from store (available) -EDIT update : 6% cashback too @ Quidco

Otherwise spec:
1.5 litre capacity
230v 50hz
Stainless steel finish
Soft touch digital controls
Built in coffee grinder

Easy "overly generous" Christmas gift winner IMO!
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Just ordered thanks
Same here. thanks!
Wow a great price, most of the inbuilt grinder coffee makers are £100+
Had mine for 18 months now (got it from Aldi, but it is identical) It is the bee knees. Nothing beats real fresh ground coffee and at this price it is a steal.
Heat added

You can put ground coffee into the reauseable filter or beans into the grinder and it grinds them and forces them into the filter for the water to pour over. Very easy to use. Managed to instruct my mum over the telephone and it went like a charm.
Does this taste better than already ground coffee in a cafeterie ?
This appears to be a filter coffee maker, with inbuilt-grinder.

My experience of filter machines is that they convert decent ground coffee, which would taste excellent if used in an espresso machine, into what tastes little better than instant coffee.

The mesh filter doesn't filter all the grounds, so you get black sludge at the bottom of the cup. There's a lot of mess, with the filter & jug to be washed-up.

The inbuilt grinder is pointless, since filter machines are incapable of making good-tasting coffee. A decent burr grinder would cost far more than this whole machine.

If you want good tasting coffee at home, buy an espresso machine. Click here and here for two good deals.
i ordered 2, thanks op
just ordered to replace our dead Aldi version - exactly the same

and yes it makes great coffee from beans

HOWEVER on tip - make sure the grinder is correctly seated on the drive dog in the machine - if it is not then the grinder drive gets destroyed and the machine is useless - as you cannot us it without the grinder in place! a design weakness but with careful use it works great


Unfortunately showing as OOS now, just got to checkout and it disappeared, as is usual with my luck.

EDIT Nevermind, working now. have some heat!
Edited by: "magicnigel" 6th Dec 2011
picked ours up today and it is the same as the old Aldi one except that the grinder bit has been updated to overcome the misalignment issue - so well done whoever the manufacturere is !

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