M&S extra virgin olive oil DOP reduced £7.99 to £2 - 75% off

M&S extra virgin olive oil DOP reduced £7.99 to £2 - 75% off

Found 15th Jun 2011
Today in Edinburgh Craigleith M&S I got some nice olive oil on sale £7.99 reduced to £2.

The details on the bottle read - Puglian extra virgin olive oil. DOP Terra di Bari Bitonto

There were lots of bottles near the flowers at the entrance.

Use by date is Nov 2012



Sounds decent - I like my extra virgin olive oil. What size bottles nadinemuir?

I think you are trying to compete with the cock soup mix op, lol
ps, i will need to go and investigate,so they are next to the flowers at the entrance lol its a bit drafty there.

Sounds well overpriced to me!

It's quite a high-end oil. I bought a bottle at £4 -so this must be a second reduction.
I've used it in dressings and impressing my recent dinner dates - its really for special occasions - but i can see myself using this very day at that price.

This is the really GOOD stuff!!! ... Will try and get some myself!!

Full price seems somewhat expensive but the £2 makes it cheap. Have some heat!!

Depends what size bottle it is.

can i rub it in my hair?


can i rub it in my hair?


lidl one is the best

Is it cold pressed?

be aware that olive oil can also be done with real olives
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I mean it's 1st pressing. Or do you wanna wait till everyone else has had their fun with the olives..

Just to answer some questions - had a look at my bottle.

The bottle size is 500ml.
The oil is extracted through solely mechanical means and is classed as the superiror element.
There is also a harvest date for the olives on the bottle marked. My date is 09/10.
Oh and it's definately 100% of origin from the Puglian region.

is this store specific?

£2 is decent, £8 for mass produced high street stuff is a complete pi$$ take.


is this store specific?

Anyone else seen this available?... before I get my coat. The bus fare to Edinburgh is a bit steep, and there's an M&S at my local bus station too.

I bought some from Peterborough today at this price. Still a few bottles on the shelf.



lidl one is the best

I may buy one of these and re-fill it with Lidl's finest. A kind of covert consumer test, if you will. (_;)


lidl one is the best

+1 - I am waiting for them to go on offer
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