M&S Internet Radio with iPod Dock - Was £179 Now £59 *Free Delivery To Store* @ Marks & Spencer

M&S Internet Radio with iPod Dock - Was £179 Now £59 *Free Delivery To Store* @ Marks & Spencer

Found 14th Mar 2011
Not sure how much delivery is, usually £3.50...
Free 2 year guarantee

Tap into the digital world with this incredible Internet Radio with iPod docking station. You can access up to 1100 radio stations from around the globe, stream audio files directly from your PC or Mac and connect to your iPod's music library via the radio's control panel.


It's effectively an M&S branded version of the Revo iBlik wifi internet radio with FM (no DAB);


Some interesting reviews.

What a shame it's not DAB!! ........................... no cd player either!
Good price if this is what you're looking for!

You can get this for 59p - or thereabouts - with an iPhone/iPod app.

Pity about the lack of DAB, still a good price for an internet radio anyway, hot from me.

I had a Revo iBlik and sent it back - problems with software (alarm didn't always go off) and the volume goes up in huge stages so difficult to get it just where you want - not really worth the money - replaced mine with Roberts Stream 83i - more expensive but much better in tersm of quality

I have a Revo Blik and a Pico - both very annoying and the pico this week decided it won't store any info at all. The Blik.....on and off dropping connections all the time - Great price but be wary. I have just ordered a pure flow from an earlier post on here - refurb - but has to be better.

Sad to say a typically "British" product - innovative design, but poorly executed.

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