M&S Multi-purpose cleaner - anti bacterial 62p

M&S Multi-purpose cleaner - anti bacterial 62p

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I am no sexist but when I got married I believed naivley that I would clean the car, do the DIY and do my manly duty in the bedroom - my wife would do the rest.

The reality is that I may as well shrink wrap my bits and pieces and I have to do the majority of the housework and all the cooking as my wife is incapable of doing it.

I therefore present to you M&S cleaner which is probably the same cleaner that you can get for 50p in home bargains however the presitige of having M&S on it for an extra 12p drove me to this post.

All you men out there who were also duped into the pre-conception that you would get a 1950's wife can at least enjoy, with me, the M&S cleaner as your better half empties your bank account online.



Ahhh. It says Anti Bacterial in the title of the item, but this is M&S...

The same M&S that say xbox4gb with kinect (but does not come with a kinect).

So we should take the anti bacterial with a pinch of salt.

Boo hiss....


Something is amiss with this post, after 29 years of marriage he has yet to pick up his dirty clothes or take out a cup!!!! New men my a*se, just a figment of someones vivid imagination.
heat for cheap cleaner though !!

Amusing post man, have some heat

Heat added, not had flu once since i started drinking this

Dear OP, firstly I would like to thank you for having the balls to say it EXACTLY how it is. We have been mislead for much of our lives that women can cook and clean, when this is simply not the case. I admire your courge and for educating those who are about to embark on a journey which they will NEVER lead. I just wish I had read this before I made the mistake.

Forever enslaved

House husband/DIY man/Cook/Cleaner/Broke!

hehe made me smile, great post! not tried this but may give it a go now, write to M&S ask for some commission. X) heat.

Hail to the house husbands let us unite! Have some heat

Hail to the house husbands let us unite! Have some heat


Thanks, that brought a smile to my face.
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