M&S shredder for £13
M&S shredder for £13

M&S shredder for £13

Buy forBuy forBuy for£13
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Hunted for a while and thought I'll try MandS - can always take it back. Then it came up as offer with £6:50 off.....plus quidco

Make sure your confidential documents are cut to shreds with this tough 21 litre shredder. It takes care of everything from bank statements to even CDs and credit cards and won't be hindered by paper clips or staples


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DOH it's £13 - wish i knew how to edit a post!!

Click 'edit' next to the red [COLOR="Red"]expire[/COLOR] and [COLOR="red"]spam[/COLOR].

Actually £16.50 including delivery.

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ll Deano ll;7427907

Click 'edit' next to the red [COLOR="Red"]expire[/COLOR] and … Click 'edit' next to the red [COLOR="Red"]expire[/COLOR] and [COLOR="red"]spam[/COLOR].

Thanks! I'm even dumber than I thought!

It's not just a shredder, it's an M&S shredder....

Sure that makes all the difference.

Perhaps some here would be interested in S&M shredder perhaps ..:oops:

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Actually £16.50 including delivery.

True - but they will deliver to store for free - which admittedly only helps if you are near one!

good find!

I bought one of these last week and it's great! well worth the money..

Ordered - been on the lookout for one for ages - just never got round to getting one after the last one broke.

Nice spot.

I've only tried a crosscut one once, and it didn't even last a day - It just got jammed up with paper.

For those who already have one - Are these well built ?


thanks need a new one

Linkey not workey

Is it this one that is showing up as £19.50?

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Linkey not workeyIs it this one that is showing up as … Linkey not workeyIs it this one that is showing up as £19.50?http://tinyurl.com/ycxgsan

Yep - sure is

So how do you get the £6.50 off then?

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So how do you get the £6.50 off then?

Just put it in the basket - it says this on the website:

Get £6.50 off when you buy a M&S 21 Litre Shredder (T046004). Discount applies at checkout. Offer valid from 25.12.09. Subject to availability.
Here's how (restrictions apply).

The 24L Shredder has £10 off. Handles 15 sheets of paper so less chance of jamming.

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True. I think thats a good buy too - but I was looking for the cheapest one to save my identity being stolen (not sure who would want it) so just really the odd few pages for me.

Just ordered one for In Store Collection :).

Main reason of purchase is so i can shred CD's!

But after having read a customers review, they said it couldn't shred his cd and broke!

So we'll see how that goes if it doesn't i'll be taking it back.

Just cancelled my order and placed an order for the bigger 24 litre shredder.

Got it for 13.60!

Theres an extra 20% to be saving for either shredder if you apply this code 'energy20'

Hopefully someone finds it handy.

Received my 24l shredder this morning and can confirm it is a cross cut shredder.
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