M&S Smoked Salmon 400g half price £5.99

M&S Smoked Salmon 400g half price £5.99

Found 24th Dec 2009
This smoked salmon is pretty good quality and yes is usually £11.99 per pack, but its 50% off in M&S at the moment. Tesco also have 340g for £5, both are better quality than the lidl and aldi smoked salmons (which taste quite chemically).
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Not sure why this is cold.
This is on par with the top end salmon from reputable specialists. Also if you're into being Eco friendly, the salmon is sourced from sustainable fish stocks and responsibly fished.

I have to say, I just bought some organic smoked salmon from Waitrose and was bitterly disappointed in comparison to the M&S product.
I’ll have some of that thank you :-D Heat added:thumbsup:
I bought some yesterday - does some one know of any good snack receipes for this at xmas
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