M&S Up To 25% Off Wine - Bin End Sale

M&S Up To 25% Off Wine - Bin End Sale

Found 9th Aug 2010
bottles of fine wine from £27.27...



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hmmmmmmmmm... who would make this offer cold? not very nice is it? BOO!

£27 for a bottle !!
Anyway, its M&S - can't believe their 'country of origin' on their products, seeing as they regulary get fined for telling lies.
So, what you may think is a nice South African or Peruvian wine, may well in fact be horrible French wine.

Its 6 bottles for £27.26 not just 1.


Its 6 bottles for £27.26 not just 1.

Well if thats the case then each bottle works out around £4.50 which is not bad price for M&S wines, but I think the op needs to make that clear. Not really tried their wines myself so do not know the quality but i'm guessing as it is M&S it should be reasonably decent. Voting hot because of the price.
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4.50 a bottle is not really a good deal.
For this price you can buy cases of decent wines from wholesalers - without looking a cheapskate with own-branded wine.
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