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MSI G241 IPS gaming monitor - £151.20 (With Code) @ eBay / ao

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23.8inch, 1080p, 144hz monitor

At £151.20, this isn't the lowest historical price new, but there have been lots of monitor deals here recently and thought this deserves a place as it's on sale with the latest ebay voucher.

What makes this monitor stand out is the excellent panel, which makes it an impressive allrounder for someone who wants to watch movies, create content, and game.

What makes it special is the phenomenal contrast (for IPS), which a you-tuber techless measured around 1484/1. Gamut coverage is also really impressive at 99.9% sRBG, 83.6% adobeRGB, and 93.1% DCI-P3 with decent accuracy. So is really good for watching movies, amateur content creation, as well as an impressive gaming monitor with 144hz and fast response time.

Also good if you're off grid, as this has an external power brick, meaning you can step up a 12v DC power supply (without the need for an inverter) and convert it to 19v, making it more efficient to run than a monitor with an internal power supply (but that's a very niche market, admittedly)

Many cheaper monitors will have bad panels, even if they look good on a specs sheet, but this one has a great panel for the money.

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    Size is 23.8"
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    • 24in LED display. 
    • Full HD (1080p) display resolution. 
    • Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels. 
    • Full HD Display. 
    • 144Hz refresh rate. 
    • 1 ms response time. 
    • Brightness 250cd/m2. 
    • Contrast ratio 1000:1. 
    • Pixel pitch 0.27mm. 
    • Suitable for wall mounting. 
    • VESA mount 100 x 100mm. 
    Interfaces and connectivity:

    • Audio in, d-Sub, 2 HDMI ports, 1 DisplayPort, VGA. 
    • Digital input.

    • Not great specs. 

    All monitors are basically listed with the same specs. For example, most IPS are listed with 1000:1 contrast officially, but they differ wildly in reality. You need a reviewer who can do proper contrast and colour testing. Another panel with the same specs
    could only get 700:1 in reality. You want to buy a monitor on what panel it uses, not on what the monitor is. Same way you can get two cars that share the same engine, but differ wildly in price.

    Just going by the official specs is how you get a poor performing panel. This panel is the same as the original AOC 24G2U (before they changed it) and has an excellent reputation for high contrast and wide gamut in addition to being a fast 144hz gaming monitor. At this price point its a fantastic deal if you want an really good all round budget monitor for movies/ content creation/ and gaming and don't want to specialise. (edited)
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    Thanks for posting and a belated welcome to hotukdeals @Eddie