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Posted 2 September 2022

MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Gaming X TRIO 12G Graphics Card 12GB GDDR6X HDMI DP (open - never used) - £809.99 with code from parts-4pcs / eBay

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    Why would they open it if they don't plan on using it :/
    To ensure it works by putting it in a mining rig.
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    I would wait, Laptops direct were selling a brand new sealed 3080ti for £729.99 a few weeks ago.
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    I pressed cold then saw the Ti in the title, sorry I can't change it, should've been heat.
    I wasn't going to vote but voted hot for you, your conscious is clear
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    Every other GPU Ebay listing I'm looking at shows 'opened - never used' lol
    Miners trying to shift their cards, or businesses that have bought bulk ex miner cards and are now trying to profit.
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    Keep in mind this is considered one of the premium models so expect a higher price
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    Less then a month to go for latest nvidia and amd tech to come out
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    Opened, never used...
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    Opened, never used...
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    My friend got an "open never used" card of ebay and it was a 3070ti instead of a 3090, same fans and covers etc but they changed that metal plat with serial number sticker rather than removing sticker and leaving residue, my friend had a hell of a time because from the business point of view they sold 3090 and he just claims its 3070ti with parts changed, nightmare, makes me very weary about buying £1k+ items on ebay people don't go through trouble of fraud and returning sifferent items for 20 quod stuff but these people make a lot of effort to scam or commit fraud whatever its classed as so be very careful.
    Had the same experience with a RTX 3090 from Amazon warehouse just before the crazy GPU prices. Previous owner changed the backplates and replaced it with a RTX 3080. Just shows how desperate some people can be.