MSI R9 290 GAMING 4GB + Civilisation Beyond Earth £197.38 @ ebuyer
MSI R9 290 GAMING 4GB + Civilisation Beyond Earth £197.38 @ ebuyer

MSI R9 290 GAMING 4GB + Civilisation Beyond Earth £197.38 @ ebuyer

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Been browsing the web for a decent card in my budget and I found this, cheapest I found by quite a stretch.

Doesn't look like it comes with the AMD gold reward thing but it includes free delivery.

I imagine this would be pretty beefy in a crossfire config, especially for the price.

I read somewhere to be aware of crossfiring with anything AMD as apparently they suffer from quite a bit of heat, but an organised case and perhaps the HDD bay being removed would probably fix that.


These are fine on their own, but in Crossfire they throttle a bit due to the cooler not being great. I had a pair of Tri-X's and they were more than fine in Crossfire, no throttling

I never understand why they give a civ game away that would run on a 5 year old graphics card.

Great price. I have this card and it did seem tempting at first to double up but I'd have to change my PSU and maybe add a few more fans to the case.

Great card reviews below. These usually come with AMD Never Settle Gold cards entitling you to a further 3 games in addition to Civ Beyond Earth. It does not mention this in the description, may be worth contacting ebuyer for any prospective buyers.


Will this card handle hardware based physics. I have a sapphire r9 270x 4gb great card but can't. Handle physics when there's a lot going on

Pay the extra for the 290x. You will be alot happier. I run triple 290x and are amazing.

Meant can't handle when a lots going on

290x has 3 fans won't fit in my case

£249 now
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