MSI Radeon 5850 1GB GDDR5 with Twin FrozR II (v. quiet) Only £125 @ OcUK

MSI Radeon 5850 1GB GDDR5 with Twin FrozR II (v. quiet) Only £125 @ OcUK

Found 23rd Dec 2010
This is an unbelievable price for a card that only a few months ago would have cost you over £300!

The 5850 is one generation behind the current 68xx but there aren't any big changes from this generation to the 68xx. The only thing i would point out is if you were thinking about Crossfire(ing) these bad boys the 68xx seem to handle that better.

The Twin FrozR II cooler is one of the best around, it’s super quiet and keeps your card very cool, allowing for massive overclocks.

Review is here:…tml
Don't forget you are looking at the 5850 scores though

Also comes with Assassins Creed 2 (voucher download), wouldn't be my game of choice but you can't turn down free can you!

It is a pre-order but at this price it's worth the wait!


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I did check but must have missed it.

No harm in giving a great offer more airtime though.


you're the 2nd person to post this deal in the last 4 or so hours

Now I know it twice! Ow, my head!

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How does that make it a bad deal?



How does that make it a bad deal?

it doesn't, I'm still a hukd novice but from my time on here people seem to vote reposts cold.

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I think that must be the case.

When i put this deal on the site i did do a search for '5850' and it didn't show up but i am guessing it was in that in-between stage with the moderators.

Still don't see why people think that because this deal has been highlighted before its suddly a bad deal!
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