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Posted 24 July 2023

MSI Radeon RX 6650 XT Mech 2X 8GB GDDR6, 2669 MHz, PCI Express 4 x 8, 128-bit, 3x DP v 1.4a, HDMI 2.1 (Supports 4K & 8K)

£224.99£228.482% off
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Update 1
Price dropped to £219.98 - 28/07

Saw an RX 6600 deal on here with free Starfield, but this is faster for the money and also comes with Starfield. RX 6650 XT is 28% faster apparently but costs only 21% more.
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  • The custom PCB has been engineered with hardened circuits and optimized trace routing for performance and reliability.
  • Take full control with the most recognized and widely used graphics card overclocking software in the world.
  • Two fans and a huge heatsink ensure a cool and quiet experience for you.
  • The award-winning MSI TORX Fan 3.0 design creates high static pressure and pushes the limits of thermal performance.
  • Zero Frozr is the calm before the storm, keeping fans still and maintaining silence until cooling is needed.

Official MSI webpage: msi.com/Gra…-OC

Model Name Radeon™ RX 6650 XT MECH 2X 8G OC
Graphics Processing Unit AMD Radeon™ RX 6650 XT
Interface PCI Express® Gen 4 x8
Core Clocks Boost: Up to 2669 MHz
Game: Up to 2447 MHz
CUDA® CORES 2048 Units
Memory Speed 17.5 Gbps
Memory 8GB GDDR6
Memory Bus 128-bit
DisplayPort x 3 (v1.4a) / HDMI™ x 1
(Supports 4K@120Hz/8K@60Hz and VRR as
specified in HDMI™ 2.1)
HDCP Support Y
Power consumption 175 W
Power connectors 8-pin x 1
Recommended PSU 500 W or greater
Card Dimension (mm) 235 x 125 x 47 mm
Weight (Card / Package) 675g / 1142g
DirectX Version Support 12 Ultimate
OpenGL Version Support 4.6
Maximum Displays 4
VR Ready Y
FreeSync™ Technology Y
Digital Maximum Resolution 7680×4320
4172616_1.jpg£349.99 Overclockers (pre-order) overclockers.co.uk/msi…tml

Google Shopping says, here
4172616_1.jpg4172616_1.jpgBest price ever on Keepa (Amazon prices only), keepa.com/
4172616_1.jpgA few threads on Reddit:
how bad is MSI MECH gpus ? im thinking of RX 6650 XT it's 270 now : r/buildapc (reddit.com) (from December 2022)
Are MSI Mech 2X cards as bad as some people say? : r/buildapc (reddit.com) (from November 2022)

An MSI Forum thread from March 2023: OverClocking MSI Mech RX 6650 XT 2X 8G OC Crashing on 3DMark | MSI Global English Forum

Amazon reviews, sorted by variant, here
4172616_1.jpg4172616_1.jpg4172616_1.jpg4172616_1.jpg4172616_1.jpgAMD Radeon RX 6650 XT: MSI Mech 2X Unboxing & Review from Console Loop (2 days ago!):
00:00 Intro
00:04 Unboxing
07:10 Review
09:25 Outro

Why Everyone Should STOP Buying the RTX 3060! from Zach's Tech Turf (May 2023):
Amazon More details at

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  1. Number_Six's avatar
    Down to £219.98 now. Bought this the other day and overall happy with it. Replaced a GTX 1060 6GB. CPU is i5 4690K and seems absolutely fine with the new GPU but will probably upgrade the other components later in the year. Casual gamer here and this has given my ageing PC a new lease of life.
  2. Gilgamesh's avatar
    Good find, cheapest around I think? heat added.

    These were £189.99 last week and I'm holding off until they go under £200 again
    Bobbins2's avatar
    I've heard those were not honoured by the seller as they were mispriced. Shame too, as £190 is a cracking price.
  3. steevieboy4u's avatar
    Keep seeing that the free Starfield game is free with certain cards. I bought a RX6600 from TechNextDay last week can I claim the game also?
    Czubaka's avatar
    I'm afraid not - They don't participate in AMD rewards.
    What you can do is to return the card within the cooling off period without giving a reason.
  4. jerrysimon's avatar
    Now back to prime day price £219.

    This or the 6700XT with 4GB more ram

    However that's another £100+ for 25% better performance though probably betyter future proofing. (edited)
    Czubaka's avatar
    6700xt Sapphire is £300 from OCUK and includes Starfield too. So we're looking at £80 difference. My personal opinion would be to definitely stretch the budget if you can. Most people keep their GPUs for 3-4 years so that difference won't be that significant over time and you still end up with a better product. Even if you play at 1080p and won't utilise the 100% of power, you have some grunt and Vram left spare and ready for the future when the games will inevitably become more demanding.
  5. greenalien1's avatar
    I bought this card on prime day for £219, it's a huge step up from my gtx 1060 6gb even if it is running on a b450 motherboard (pcie 3.0) with a Ryzen 2600, maybe looking to upgrade later in the year.
    chetspat's avatar
    I did the same. Do you know if it’s eligible for the Starfield promo?
  6. CL67's avatar
    I have an old 980 in my PC, was wanting to wait for the 6700 but I have £125 Amazon vouchers to use and the 6700 is £100 more on there so not sure if I am risking it by waiting or if I should just get this. I only have 1080p monitors so the extra on the 6700 might be wasted. Dilemmas..
    shayman1992's avatar
    In my opinion 8gb vram is too low for future games, 12gb should be minimum especially if you're planning on sticking with the card for a few years.
  7. Buckster's avatar
    RX 7600 seems a much better deal

    £239.99 from OCUK with Starfield included
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    £247.98 from OCUK, have to add delivery.
    Both come with starfield.

    Performance is comparable in most games, very little between them.
    Not sure the 7600 is worth the extra £23 unless you really want to use FSR 3.0 (not a fan of it myself).

    Having AV1 hardware encoding with the 7600 is a nice bonus though. (edited)
  8. Hemichromis's avatar
    £239.99 again now.
    Czubaka's avatar
    £219.98 now. Just Amazon being Amazon.
  9. S_Kelly's avatar
    The RX 6600 is £45 cheaper (20%) and only loses 5-10% in performance to this.

    Edit: Scratch this, I was comparing the 6600XT performance. (edited)
    Thomas_Pereira's avatar

    In OP post it says:
    "RX 6650 XT is 28% faster apparently but costs only 21% more."
  10. Hemichromis's avatar
    Well I bought for 229.99 today….
    Of course the prices then come down!
    Excellent deal though.
  11. Thomas_Pereira's avatar
    Great price!
  12. adebisi30's avatar
    Is 160 pound a good price for second hand 6700xt? I suppose they could have been used for mining??
    Bobbins2's avatar
    Yeah it's great where is it being sold from? It sounds too good to be true, so be wary of the seller unless it's from someone you know as they're going for £260-270 on ebay
  13. Reggie111's avatar
    Very good price for a capable card.
  14. TankDeal's avatar
    Pass. RX 7600 is better value soon support FSR 3.0
    Hemichromis's avatar
    6650xt will also support FSR 3.0.
    There’s not much between these cards at all.
  15. ColossalBiff's avatar
    128bit memory bus, is this a cut down version
  16. MaxJenson's avatar
    Seems a lot of people on Reddit are buying these AMD cards, getting the Starfield code, redeeming the pre-order on Steam (with GPU installed for hardware check), and then returning the card. Due to the game being technically a free bonus, it doesn't have relevance on the GPU return process.

    Pretty naughty. (edited)
    formsm2000comp's avatar
    The worst part of selling on Amazon. Most people don't realise that items are sold by third parties. When you get a return you have to give a full refund. Then the product gets sent back.

    If it's damaged it cannot be sold as new and then you have to pay Amazon to deliver it back to you.

    Hopefully it's only Amazon getting ripped off with the above.

    95% of the gaming market won't buy AMD. They want lower prices on Nvidia GPU instead. That's the only reason they want cheaper prices for AMD.
  17. Faz_187's avatar
    Worth upgrading from a gtx 1070?
    Czubaka's avatar
    About 45%+ faster in 1080p. 1070 still fetches around 100 quid on ebay to offset the cost.
  18. poorboys's avatar
    £239.99 now.
's avatar