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MSI Radeon RX 6700 XT MECH 2X 12GB Graphics Card - £363.13 with code (UK Mainland) @ eBay / eBuyer

£363.13£403.4810% off
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Clock / Memory Speed
• Up to 2581 MHz / 16 Gbps
• 12GB GDDR6
• DisplayPort x 3 (v1.4)
  • HDMI x 1 (Supports 4K@120Hz/8K@60Hz and VRR as specified in HDMI 2.1)

Dual Fan Thermal Design
• TORX Fan 3.0: The award-winning MSI TORX Fan 3.0 design creates high static pressure and pushes the limits of thermal performance.

Afterburner Overclocking Utility
• Supports multi-GPU setups.
• OC Scanner: An automated function finds the highest stable overclock settings.
• On Screen Display: Provides real-time information of your system's performance.
• Predator: In-game video recording.

MSI Center
The exclusive MSI Center software lets you monitor, tweak and optimize MSI products in real-time.

MECH brings a performance-focused design that maintains the essentials to accomplish any task at hand.
Rocking a trusted dual fan arrangement laid into a rigid industrial design lets this sharp looking graphics card fit into any build.

Forged from Enhanced Materials
An enhanced PCB material design with 2oz thickened copper increases conductivity, improving heat dissipation, and high-performance reliability.

Not all circuit boards are created equal. A custom PCB Design provides greater reliability and beefed up power circuitry for pushing the card to its limits.

Powerhouse performance for 1440p
AMD Radeon™ RX 6700 XT graphics cards deliver serious 1440p gaming and ultra-high frame rates. Get up to 40 high-performance compute units, groundbreaking AMD Infinity Cache, and up to 12GB of dedicated GDDR6 memory. Experience new levels of gaming performance with AMD Smart Access Memory technology when you pair an AMD Radeon™ RX 6700 XT graphics card with an AMD Ryzen™ 5000 Series desktop processor.

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  1. Avatar
    Is it worth waiting until the new AMD cards come out for the price to come down?
    Almost definitely better to wait unless you absolutely need it now
    If you're really savvy, you'd get rid of your old card now while the price is higher and then wait for the new ones
  2. Avatar
    What's with all these "meh" deals on GPUs?
    I would have expected that this GPU would be significantly lower than the rx 6700 price of £340 by now...

    Who is buying at these prices when the next gen is right around the corner and is probably going to have at least 1.3x of this performance at this same price?
    Same price or 100% more, no new cards have lower RRP
  3. Avatar
    I finally went for it after years of waiting. 1440 gaming for a relatively decent price. I'm going to remove my graphics card alerts and bury my head in the sand in case a 3070 goes up for £300 next week
    I am with you- did exactly the same and planning to do exactly the same as you 😁
  4. Avatar
    Wish they'd put the 6750XT on there!
  5. Avatar
    this is really really tempting

    £300 pls
    Got mine on eBay yesterday for £288 they are there if you look
  6. Avatar
    I have purchased thanks for posting
    You won't regret, I recently got a mint used 6700xt and it's 100+FPS at 1440p and quiet, the AMD software is all sorted out now and runs great, mine is a different manufacturer but this will perform around the same
  7. Avatar
    With AMDs FSR 2.1 now about as good as DLSS and FSR 3 around the corner, these cards are phenomonal value. Just wish there was an affordable ITX option from AMD. Stuck with my GTX 1070 for now, though thanks to FSR 2.1 I can enjoy Spider-man resmatered at high settings over 60FPS! crazy.
  8. Avatar
    For those saying wait until the next gen cards come out, hasn't the next gen Nvidia cards come out? Did the previous gen Nvidia cards come down in price significantly?
    3080 went up lol
  9. Avatar
    Was going to try and get a 6800 but this is tempting
  10. Avatar
    Wait if you can but I need a gpu as my son's has stopped working so he will get my old as an upgrade
  11. Avatar
    Good deal
  12. Avatar
    Excellent price, we were hoping to see the non-XT below 300 and that never happened... An XT at this price is great value
  13. Avatar
    Decent price I think
  14. Avatar
    Thanks been waiting this to drop in price My Gaming PC will now be complete Cracking Price..But i did buy before i saw this post But Dont forget £2 cash back etc from Topcashback..It all helps (edited)
  15. Avatar
    Thanks OP, I've ordered it.
  16. Avatar
    Ordered!!! thanks op.
    Been waiting to get a new card for 2 years now. New cards come out but the old cards never seem to come down in price.
  17. Avatar
    Solid price
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