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Posted 30 November 2022

MSI Radeon RX 6900 XT GAMING X TRIO 16GB Graphics Card - £673.48 delivered using voucher code @ ebuyer / eBay

£673.48£723.487% off
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Great price, went down to £630 about a month ago, but its not like any of us have a time machine
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    Hey, did they get permission from S3 for that "TRIO" ?

    For those too young to remember, my first graphics card was a Diamond Stealth SE (S3 Trio 32 1GB back in 1995). (edited)
    I'll refresh your memory. 1MB, pal. (edited)
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    I'm waiting for new cards then I'll decide
    Will be interesting to see how the 7900XT stacks up against this. It's going to be over 30% dearer, will it be 40+% faster to make the value proposition worthwhile??
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    hmm i did that too when the deal was £630 a month ago. Wondering if its worth it now though. I cant see GPU prices dropping. Nothing happened during BF week.
    Agreed. With the new generation only being high end and near £1k (or significantly more) there's no pressure to reduce prices at this level.

    I bough an RX6800XT and it's overkill for everything I play except Cyberpunk. Even that runs 4k60 with FSR2.1. Current models are a long way from obsolete!! (edited)
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    Would hold for another 3 years, this'll be around £300 by then.
    Is going three years without a high-end graphics card worth £373.48 to you?
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    I posted this card 2 days ago at £709 and I am still being rinsed by people voting cold and hysterically moaning it should be sub-£500 by now. That is a 4% difference to this deal (noting Ebuyer have put the price up to decrease the amount they loose on the Ebay offer).

    Now this deal is 200+ and rising fast. Did I miss the memo about this card now being good value at this price point??
    I mean, people don’t really like buying from ebuyer, think they feel safer with eBay. Also, people like to save wherever they can, so even 4 percent can be the difference between hot and cold
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    Very good price.
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    lowes brand new atm, wonder if better wait a bit fo the new cards .. ..
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    Would hold, I bought this at £630 a few weeks back.
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    Gah, the lack of DLSS and comparable RT support is the deal breaker for me, when it really boils down to it. Amazing raster performance on this one nevertheless.

    This is where the 3090 needs to be by now. (edited)
    Totally valid opinion but here's another one. RTX usually needs DLSS, which, while good, has artifacts compared to native resolution. Some people would take raster performance for cleaner native image quality over ray tracing. Especially when old-school reflections and lighting are so good in a lot of games (edited)
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    I got this during the £630 offer and I'm quite happy with it. Having said that, if VR or 4k is your use case, the Palit 3080 deal currently live from Ebuyer's Ebay store for slightly less is possibly a better option (edited)
    This is better than the 3080 in most things, just not as good in ray tracing
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    If you can wait until the new year do so, new series will be out and these will go down more (but don’t leave it too late!)