MSI Wind U100 160gb Hdd 6 cell battery £293 @ Micro Anvika
MSI Wind U100 160gb Hdd 6 cell battery £293 @ Micro Anvika

MSI Wind U100 160gb Hdd 6 cell battery £293 @ Micro Anvika

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Just saw the 160gb version of the MSI wind at Micro Anvika for £293 plus it has the 6-cell battery which makes this just as good as the NC10, had a play around with one and noticed that with an updated bios you can now over clock the processor with the press of a button, so it goes from 1.6ghz to 2.0ghz and is covered by the warranty.

good review of it here


Intel® Atom N270 Processor
Windows XP Home
10 Wide Screen Display
Convenient Magnifying Capability
Ergonomic Big-Size Keyboard and Touch Pad
Hard Drive with Massive Capacity
Built-in High Resolution Mega Pixels Webcam
Built-in High-Performance 2 Channel Stereo Speakers, and Microphone
802.11b / g / n Wireless Lan with Bluetooth
Comprehensive Multi-Media Application Interface

I've got an NC10 myself but this wasn't out when I got it otherwise I would've definately gone for this, much easier to run mac os on it also. Plus it has wireless-N which could be a decider for some people.

Possibly one of the best netbooks out there with the NC10

Comes in three colours, Black, White and PInk and they seem to have plenty in stock. Had a look at a few other prices online and the seem to be in the region of £305+ for this model.


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If you could leave a reason for the cold votes I'd appreciate it.

Aargh! So tempting!

The only thing putting me off the NC10 was I didn't like the mouse buttons.

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I know what you mean, on my NC10 its a near impossible to press both mouse buttons at the same time, that being said i think this has a similar button layout for the mouse.

This has an awful mouse pad sadly.

Voted hot!

great deal! I bought it about a month ago at £325! very nice little machine. voted hot!

How easy is it to get Mac OSX onto this and does it work properly with all the hardware i.e. drivers?


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Its pretty straight forward, i think the only issues at the moment are sound drivers i.e headphone port not working properly (don't know if its been fixed yet it was supposed to be fixed by now) and i believe that you can use the wifi card that it comes with as well so no need to swap that out either, the only other thing possibly is the ethernet as thats a problem with most netbooks,

"Please Note: Address in Northern Ireland, and the Islands (inc. Jersey,Guernsey,Wight, Man,Orkneys,Shetland etc) may involve additional costs. Before final acceptance of your order any extra amount required will be telephoned or emailed to you for your approval prior to shipping. "

amazing they cant even give you a shipping quote for n.ireland, you have to buy first!

An OK price but for about the same money you can get a Samsung NC10 which has better build quality and much better battery life.

I have this netbook in As New condition, anyone interested in it? pm me

The Samsung NC10 has a great support forum, which still gives this baby my vote.
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