MSi X340 - 13.4" Laptop - 2GB RAM, SU4100 1.3GHz, 320GB HDD - Very thin & light! - £315.58 Delivered @ Scan

MSi X340 - 13.4" Laptop - 2GB RAM, SU4100 1.3GHz, 320GB HDD - Very thin & light! - £315.58 Delivered @ Scan

Found 8th May 2011
Read the following few sentences first:

This is a basic spec, very thin and light laptop. There is no built-in DVD drive. It only has a 1.3GHz low power processor so if you need a multimedia machine, this deal is not for you. Please do not vote hot/cold and continue searching for a better laptop for your needs.

Okay, now that that's over, you are still here? Great. Here's the deal - I bought this for my mum. She is arthritic and any laptpop she buys needs to be light enough for her to carry back and forth between friends & family houses. Choosing a 13.4" laptop was a major criteria as 15" ones are too big and netbooks are far too small for her. Like me, you are probably thinking that ~£300 for a 13" thin & light laptop is a good price, and it is. Most other 13" laptops are an extra ~£150 or more on top.

From many many reviews the good and bad...

Good: Great screen quality - clarity and brightness, looks fantastic, IS actually very thin & light (one reviewer calls it the Macbook Air of windows laptops)

Bad: The only bad I've seen is the lower than expected battery life of 2-3 hours (not an issue for my mum, may be for you?), and the feel of the keyboard

The negative reviews do seem to be quite early ones so i'm unsure if there were issues with the initial batches or even the pre-production test/review models, but a lot of more recent reviews mention they had a positive experience with the keyboard and are unsure where the negative reviews came from. Make up your own mind from that.

So bottom line is if you want a light & thin laptop for unintensive computing tasks/activities (web browsing, iplayer, emails etc) then this seems to be a fairly decent deal. Please see below for further price details:

Price quoted is the 'Today Only' price that has been active since Friday, and will expire sometime tomorrow after lunch and go up by about £4-5. Price also includes delivery as not everyone gets it free. If you do, though, then it's £305.99 including next day delivery!

Want it but got not got £315? Pay £30.60 for deposit and then £9.99 a month for 36 months. Total payable is £390.24 (£84.25 for 3 years interest) which seems like a good deal for buying it on finance.

If you are voting cold, fair enough. Please bear in mind that if you are voting cold it means you can find a similar product somewhere else for a better price. That being said, please discuss this in the comments so that people know there is a better deal out there. That means a 13" laptop, thinner and lighter than all typical ones, with either faster speed, more RAM or bigger hard drive for £305.99 or better. Please don't vote cold just because it's not powerful enough for you, because you don't like white laptops, because it's from scan or anything else like that


So, this is a low powered netbook with a 13.4" screen, but double the netbook price?

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@ Realblender, thanks for that. Please note that from CCL it's £302.84 delivered if you choose free delivery option which takes 8 days from today for delivery. If you get free delivery @ Scan then you may prefer buying there as it's an extra £2-3 but you'll get it on Tuesday instead.

@ Stefor... Netbooks = 10-12" screens imo. That makes this not a netbook ;-) It's what the title says... A 13.4" laptop. Again if the specs are not up to what you need, look elsewhere.

Slow processor; price is about right for the processor/battery - i.e. nothing special... not voted as to me its neither a good nor bad deal.........

Having the camera and the microphone makes it sound like a pretty good machine for older folks to use for skype and the like from a sofa?

As you say, I certainly know some that could go for it but wouldn't be interested in a netbook.

I believe that if you look at other scan deals you'll see that folks have listed them without postage added, as some of us can use the avforums free postage deal, hence this may be slightly more popular?
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