MSI X400 Laptop £380 500gb hard drive @ Laptops Direct
MSI X400 Laptop £380 500gb hard drive @ Laptops Direct

MSI X400 Laptop £380 500gb hard drive @ Laptops Direct

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MSI are breaking the boundaries of mobility, delivering a laptop that despite having a stunning 14 LED screen weighs just 1.5kg and is less than an inch thick. This makes the X400 the worlds slimmest and lightest 14 notebook; you wont find a better combination of usability and portability.

Even with the mobility of the X400, theres no compromise on performance. It comes with an Intel Core 2 Solo ULV processor and a speedy 2GB RAMso whether youre dealing with your documents or socialising with friends you wont be sitting around twiddling your fingers; the X400 has more than enough oomph to keep you productive.

When its time for lunch and you need to save your progress youll have no trouble either because this laptop comes with a massive 500GB hard drivewireless internet and integrated webcam mean that youll have no trouble getting online and sharing those files with friends and colleagues.

Its the ideal laptop for anyone who wants to watch movies, socialise, or even do work on the move. The X400 gives you the power to get things done quickly along with the portability to do them wherever you want.
* Screen size - 14 in - 1366 x 768
* Processor - Intel Core 2 Solo SU3500 - 1.4 GHz
* RAM - 2 GB
* Hard Drive - 500 GB
* Operating System - Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 32 Bit
* Graphics - Intel GMA 4500MHD
* Webcam - Integrated
* Warranty - 2 years warranty

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I got 2 of these for my kids during a trip to Newyork and I have to say I will never buy another X series MSI product again (I own the MSI wind netbook which is great), I have never had so many problems with computers before and on both of them, both have been back to MSI for a mixture of fan replacements, wifi repair, not charging batteries and just not switching on, see below for an online review I wish I found before I bought them !

'' I bought an MSI X400 (model X400-204US) from JR.com for $399. I haven't seen much about this model on the web so I will post some impressions.

It's a piece of junk.

(Some background on me: I own way too many laptops, including: HP 8510W, NC8430, TC4400, TC4200, TC1100, NC6400; Thinkpad T42, X41T, X31; Inspiron 1720; Tecra M7; Fujitsu P1120, T2010. I know that these are mostly higher-end business laptops, but I have also used consumer laptops a great deal.)

The X400 keyboard is easily the worst keyboard that I have ever experienced, including the keyboard on my son's Thomas the Tank Engine toy computer. It has the worst key travel and the worst keyboard flex. The lettering that is imprinted on the keys is an off-white color that is very hard to see even in a moderately lighted room. Do not try to use the X400 in bed with dim lights.

MSI has chosen to put a keyboard with truncated keys on the right side, including less-than-full size backspace and enter keys. Most importantly, please look at a photo of the keyboard before you buy this computer, noting the TRUNCATED RIGHT SHIFT KEY. This too-small key has a reduced size in order to cram the 'up arrow' key next to it. If you are a good touch typist, you will be constantly hitting the up arrow key instead of the right shift key. You will hate this right shift key if you are a touch typist.

In another dubious decision, MSI has chosen to put TWO 'slash' keys on the keyboard--yes, two keys that serve exactly the same function on a U.S. English keyboard. The redundant key is crammed next to the space bar, making the space bar too small and off-center.

Frankly, I find it difficult to believe that anyone at MSI seriously tested the keyboard for usability.

The second big problem with the X400 is interminable fan noise. Right now I am typing this review and doing nothing else on the X400. I have also set the power theme to "Battery Turbo Mode" to intentionally throttle the CPU to limit heat buildup. But even in this case, the fan wails like a banshee. Ironically, earlier I surfed to youtube and input "MSI fan noise" as a search term. Up came a video of someone who had recorded their MSI X340's fan noise. Well, I could not hear the fan noise on the video because my X400's fan noise drowned it out!

Imagine a beautiful long-haired woman blow drying her hair. Every few seconds she changes the fan speed setting on the hair dryer--high, medium, really high, super high, medium, high, etc., randomly. Now you have an idea of the X400 fan noise, except that there is no beautiful woman involved. ''
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