MTV Trax PAYG SIM (EE)  top up £15  - 7gb of Data NOW for 6 Months!

MTV Trax PAYG SIM (EE) top up £15 - 7gb of Data NOW for 6 Months!

Found 23rd May 2016
Unlimited texts, 500 mins, 2gb of data- £15, boosted to 7gb for 6 months.

Get your SIM by 23:59 on 02.11.16, top up £15 to activate your Everything Pack and your extra 5GB of free data will be added automatically.

Text ‘MTV’ to 150 once you have activated your pack to receive a code to access MTV TRAX. You’ll get the MTV Trax subscription and 5GB free UK data each consecutive month you buy a 30 day pay as you go pack for 6 months.

Check 4G coverage…MTV Trax: App and compatible device required. Terms and conditions apply to using the MTV Trax SIM, see 

Everything Pack: Services are UK only. Packs are a subscription based service that recur automatically every 30 days. If you don’t have credit to pay for recurring Packs at the end of 30 days, you will have 90 days to top up before we automatically cancel your Pack subscription. You can choose to opt out at any time. Full terms at 

Full Terms & Conditions

* You get a massive 7GB of data each month - that’s 5GB extra 
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Was going to vote hot, but I see that Charlotte from Geordie Shore might call me if I get the sim....

Nah, looks a good deal.
Does this mean that you'll have to spend £15 each month?

Does this mean that you'll have to spend £15 each month?

I think your correct
This is £15 a month not a one off payment. Title is a bit misleading
6GB each month for £90 or 6GB for 6 month £15?

6GB each month for £90 or 6GB for 6 month £15?

​Google it

​Google it

​its your deal that makes no sense
I'm not here to babysit.

If the thread takes your fancy:- the info

2. click on the link

3. digest

4. decide if it's good for you.

If you cant do that then speak to your guardian or social worker. Xx
I've been looking at this deal too as i want a decent amount of data for a mifi, and not to be tied into a contract. I've ordered the free sim. for £15 a month you get 2GB of data but as long as you top up regularly for the first 6 months you get an extra 5GB. 7GB for £15 a month sounds good to me and not tied in for when something better comes along. I have no idea what MTV trax is and I'm not interested. Much cheaper way to buy ee data.
For those who haevn't read the T&Cs it's 7GB / month for 6 months then 2GB / month thereafter. The "contract" is actually a base of 2GB per month but you get an extra 5GB for 6 months. So actually on a base contract level GiffGaff wins!
I've been researching PAYG and found this to be a very good deal for the data you get. It took 1 day for the sim to arrive and 2 days to port the number. Also given free access to MTV's music app which I guess is the point of the deal.

Overall happy with EE's 4G speeds in London. Very fast.
My interpretation of the T&Cs on this deal is that, although you need to buy a Pack every month, it doesn't necessarily have to be the £15 Everything Pack every month. From what I understand, only for the FIRST month are you required to buy the £15 Everything Pack; after that, you will get 5GB added on to WHATEVER pack you buy:

"When you initially top up £15 (and for each consecutive month you top up and buy a 30 day pack) the free 5GB data will be combined with the data in your Everything Pack (or other 30 day pay as you go pack) to give you a 7GB allowance."

"Each consecutive month you buy a 30 day Pack, you’ll continue to receive the additional 5GB of free data."…rms
If I use the £15 top up to get 3gb will the offer still work ?

If I use the £15 top up to get 3gb will the offer still work ?

​Do u have a special MTV Sim?
Yes I do

Yes I do

​Follow the instructions on the pack, a top up of £15 usually kicks it all off.

You just need to text to get the premium music service.
I've just found out that you have to get the £15 everything pack with 2gb
You get 7GB of data if you top-up £15 - definitely the best pay as you go deal.

The full MTV Trax too which is wicked and doesn't use any data
The initial £15 has run out ,how do I now top up another month payment .
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