M.U.D. TV: Mad Ugly Dirty Television PC £17.95 -PRE-ORDER - @ Zavvi

M.U.D. TV: Mad Ugly Dirty Television PC £17.95 -PRE-ORDER - @ Zavvi

Found 18th Feb 2010
Fed up of the same TV shows repeated week in week out? Reality TV getting stale? Think you can do a better job? Well it's time to put your money where your mouth is and head over toM.U.D. TV where you call the shots as a top TV exec striving to raise the ratings while bringing in the advertising revenue of your TV station.

Create your own crazy TV studio! Build studios, offices and news rooms as well as hire actors, staff and directors to create fabulous TV shows which will propel you up the ratings chart. But watch your back as rival studios will use every trick in the book to sabotage your plans by stealing your viewers, actors and even those all important advertising dollars. But you have picked up a few dirty tricks of your own so don't be afraid to bite back and do whatever it takes to build your TV empire!

* Create your own crazy TV station and take it all the way to the top of the rankings
* Fight for 8 different viewer groups and show your competitors who's boss
* Build offices, studios, newsrooms, writing rooms and many other important facilities to help secure your success
* Create your own character and guide them through your hand built TV empire doing whatever it takes to be top dog
* Complete your advertising contracts by setting program schedules to secure the best ad slots for companies
* Produce new programs to target your viewer groups including movies, game shows, sitcoms and even cooking shows
* Go up against cunning computer opponents or face off against up to 7 players
* Team up with a friend and run your studio together in Co-Op Mode
* Fantastic soundtrack recorded live in the studio by the composers on real instruments

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