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Muddyfox energy men's mountain bike - £95 (+£9.99 Delivery) at House Of Fraser

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Posted 5th Jun 2022

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

The Muddyfox Energy is designed to give you the freedom to explore your world. The Energy is made for cycling down canal tow paths and roads; for getting you to work; and for being a low maintenance workhorse.

18 gears give you the liberty to go as far and wide as you want to go, and V-brakes give reliability and consistency you can count on for controlled stopping in all conditions

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Next Day Delivery by DPD (Carbon Neutral) £9.99
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    Yep - another Mike Ashley brand to slap on cheap tat.
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    Also available in womans too and at evens cycles and sports direct.
    Evans and Muddy Fox are part of the Frasers Group - part of Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct empire.

    They cash in on brand names by moving them down market.
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    This is a good bike if you hate cycling....
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    I used to commute on a similar bike for thousands of miles in total. It was a 7 mile commute each way. It was called a Pagan Arrow. The spec seems almost identical except the image shows a nicer rear derailleur here, mine had one of those very basic Shimano derailleurs with a very weak spring action. It's not a mountain bike just a heavy duty steel bike. I was once on my commute and this young lad came past who clearly wanted a race as I was going up hill. He had something like a jump bike, sort of big bmx with derailleur gears rather than single speed and being the fat person I am there was no chance I could beat him going up the hill but did manage to overtake him at nearer the end of the commute as I got to Sherborne.

    It is worth spending more if you can afford to but if you just need a cheap strong bike that might get knocked etc then these are a good option. I don't consider these BSO's myself, most of the world rides similar steel bikes across Asia, Africa etc perhaps without such thick tubes but also much of the time single speed. Check out the buffalo bike that is popular across Africa as a workhorse bike that many people there rely on as their main transport. Steel is still the most environmentally friendly material for bikes, its fully recyclable, easily repaired and takes a low amount of resources to manufacture in the first place. Many such frames are robot made and come off the production line is seconds and have a ridiculously low failure rate. Such frames could last decades of hard use yet the factory door price is often less than $5. I can't help but feel very positively about such bikes myself. Contrast that with Carbon fibre which is easily damaged, takes huge resources to manufacture and goes straight to landfill with no recycling and typically has a very short usable lifespan. Some CF road bikes used for professional races only get used a few times before they are replaced.

    Replying to

    disagree with you mate. My wife has just gotten into biking and we've bought her a Trek dual sport 2 2021 edition for £500 after doing a lot of research and initially starting at thinking about spending less than £200. The £500 will hopefully last her 20 plus years. One of the main reasons of spending more is the lighter bike will be more encouraging and easier to use. I'm a strong believer in buying quality and buying once, far less wastage that way.

    These bikes that you talk about are likely to not be handed down. For example I bought a second hand Isla bike for my 5 year old, because of it's top quality, it has a very good second hand value, it'll be handed down to my next kid when he's ready and then back on eBay. Now I'm pretty certain that would never happen with a cheap bike. (edited)
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    Reviews done inspire confidence..
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    Bought a muddy fox bike about 10 years ago, after 4 or 5 short rides on the road one of the pedals snapped off as I was pulling away from the lights, making me swerve towards a moving car.

    You get what you pay for sometimes
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    Possibly not a brilliant bike but for the money you can always fiddle and improve it, slowly but surely the market seems to be breaking out of the inflation bubble and offering some value
    Ironically the components are the best thing about this bike - they're all bottom end Shimano, KMC and Microshift but at least they're branded (maybe the brakes aren't)
    However the steel frame is a useless piece of junk.
    Manufactures of BSOs (Bicycle Shaped Objects) learned a long time ago how to disguise their products as proper bikes (throw at least one Shimano branded component on and cover it in "SHIMANO" stickers, give it an aluminium frame instead of a steel one0.
    In this case they've spent the budget on the very cheapest branded gears so had to use a steel frame with an old-fashioned quill stem.
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    I remember wanting a real Muddy Fox back in the early 90s. Couldn't afford it so ended up with a terrible Townsend, eventually replaced by a proper Claud Butler
    It's depressing how far Muddyfox have fallen since the 90s.
    Wouldn't touch one now.
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    The Muddyfox Energy - You'll need plenty of Energy to get anywhere on this lump of cheap steel
    And yet we all managed with similar for decades
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    This doesn't look like it's made from parts destined for the same bike
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    In Ashley's defence Muddy Fox have been awful for about 25 years, long before he took over. (edited)
    Really wanted one around 93/94 but research pushed me towards Marin instead. One of the better decisions I've made.
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    Can anyone recommend a bike for a 5ft 2 growing teen, mainly commuting 4 miles a day on flat roads but hoping to get him a bit more adventurous with off road hills pls? Looking to pay £200 to £300.
    Carrera Vengeance Junior 13" frame 26" Tyres
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    Proper price for a bicycle.
    40 years ago
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    Cheap bike to get you back into cycling on a low budget, or you can do what I did spend £500 on one only to find it's not really for me and I could do with the help of an electric motor at may age .
    Better to find a local charity which refurbishes SH bikes (The Bike Station in Edinburgh, Bike For Good in Glasgow, etc, - most cities have at least one) and spend the same money of a SH bike that has been refurbished.
    I spent £70 on a Trek off eBay and commuted on it for 3 years before spending more on a better bike (and donating the Trek to Bike For Good).
    If I'd bought this piece of junk I would've hated cycling and given up within a few weeks.
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    BSO. Nothing to see here, move along.
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    Cheap as chips heat added
    Did anyone get their bike delivered
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    I know money is tied at the moment but thats not the solution.
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    Have to say I'd rather go second hand, loads of bargains out there if you take the time looking. Unfortunately there are a good few stolen bikes out there but if you use common sense it shouldn't be a problem.
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    Posted a ladies and a kids BMX too all half price or less
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    Kids bike pal
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    10% off via unidays @ sports direct wouldn’t work @ house of frasier
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    Now that's a proper push iron.
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    My tip is FB Marketplace or similar platforms as you get with a bit of luck a very capable bike for a fraction of the original price. I am currently looking for my daughter for a Islabike, Wiggins or Frog as I know they have a good quality standard. Last thought, have you ever tried to sell on something cheap in comparison to something quality? Just calculate the possible resell value into your calculation and you might end up with a much lower price tag. Overall advice stay away from bad quality as it doesn’t make sense at all in the long run.
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    Remember in 2020 this would of been like £500 used
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    Bring back the Raleigh Grifter