Muff Pod Muff (ipod case like a ipod sock) 26 Different types at only £1.99!!!!!! bargain price free
Muff Pod Muff (ipod case like a ipod sock) 26 Different types at only £1.99!!!!!! bargain price free

Muff Pod Muff (ipod case like a ipod sock) 26 Different types at only £1.99!!!!!! bargain price free

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About Muff

We have a team of trained monkeys working around the clock produce our muff IPOD COVERS, Ok not really we handmake all of our iPod covers our self's, no sweat shops, no assembly lines & no monkeys (we wish we had monkeys).

We started making ipod covers because we had a hard time finding a cover/ case we liked, we hated those fugly silicone cases and most of the other cases/ covers detract from the inherent good looks of a naked iPod.

iPod s & muffs really suite each other, just slip it on and when you need to play with your pod slip it off & all the people with click wheels will find that they can still go forwards, back & pause/ play when your ipod's tucked away in its muff.

Made in Australia

Put a muff on the barbie, that's right muffs are made all the way in Australia.

We ship our iPod covers & ibook/ powerbook covers to over 200 countries around the world.


Each muff is individually handmade & made to order. this ensures a great level of quality control on the other other hand if a large influx of sales hits us it slows production & your order by a couple of days


We stick to higher quality materials & it was a really good idea to do so. We're always testing new fabrics & if you have a suggestion drop a line to [email protected]muffpod.com

Some fabrics are seasonal & may not be available all year round, we'll swap it for another style.


Every single muff features the same ultra soft polar fleece & foam interior which will cushion your iPod from minor blows and scratches, the mighty muffs can take a much higher drop and will actually bounce off the ground.

Each side of your ipod is protected by 4 layers of material ( 2x Polar, 1x foam & the exterior fabric) The foam used to be an optional extra but we recently made it standard across the board.

The mighty is our latest design and it features 5 layers & with the ultra tuff exterior materials used it's deninatly our most extreme protection for your iPod.


We've got a pretty good range of styles these days & were always testing new designs out. We may have to change styles depending on the availability of materials.

We're very open to suggestions & welcome your input [email protected]muffpod.com


Original Poster

they look that but have so many designs

I bought one of these from here last week and its worth a couple of quid - especially as I'm always dropping my ipod!!

Original Poster

they look trendy too, couldnt resist ordered one.

muffpod.com wants $15 apiece for these, well they used to, as they are now wholesale only. I seem to remember these being more in the UK not so long ago, possibly around the £15-£20 mark?

Hot, ordered a chocolate nano one for when I come in and dump my iPod on the table (yes, I'll use it when I'm NOT using it) :-D

I've never bought anything from MX2 before; are they an ok retailer?

fink im buyin the camo one thanks!

Original Poster


I've never bought anything from MX2 before; are they an ok retailer?

yes there good a well established company bought goods many times off them, delivery is usally 2-3 working days

Ordered a spotty one for my wife, thanks for the post

I have a 30G ipod, can anyone see any of these on the site that would fit?

Original Poster

look for the ones which say 5g i think that means 5th gen ones

Nice find, thanks. Ordered.

Thanks , just bought one. Although my 3rd Gen is reconditioned and nearly 3 years old bounces quite well. ( I performed open heart surgery recently to replace the battery costing about £5 from ebay compared to Apples £60 service charge)

Original Poster

just got mine and there really nice not bad for 2quid

not got mine yet

Original Poster

when did u place your order?

it was on thursday i think , js got email i think itll be here tomorrow!

Mine got cancelled with the explanation of "no longer available" (Red Cord Nano Muff). Disappointed especially as it is still showing as "available" on their website!
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